Why The Tech Industry is a Candidate’s Market

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It’s no secret that COVID-19 drastically impacted the job market. The pandemic affected virtually every business in some way, and the tech industry is no exception. Over the last few years, the IT and tech industry has become increasingly popular as the need for tech workers has risen. This resulted in a field largely controlled by the workforce. Here’s why the tech industry is a candidate’s market.

Jobs Are Plenteous

One of the reasons that the tech industry is a candidate’s market is because of the numerous jobs to choose from. The pandemic required many companies to improve their online presence as their physical businesses were closed down. Other corporations were forced to adopt electronic strategies for meetings and remote working.

To accomplish these goals, companies began looking for and hiring tech workers to install new software and oversee new programs. This resulted in the creation of many tech positions, broadening the options for any potential tech workers. IT technicians now have several options to choose from when looking for work. This means that it is largely up to the candidate to decide where they want to work and what they want to do.

There Is Fierce Competition

Another reason why tech employees are thriving right now is because there is so much competition from hiring managers. Since there is an abundance of tech positions, it has become difficult to find employees to fill those positions. This has led to competition between companies finding talented IT professionals and employing them.

This competition works in favor of the candidate as they can demand higher salaries, more flexible hours, etc. Companies are at the mercy of IT candidates. Since they need to employ tech professionals, and the talented employees “hold the power” in a way.

Remote Workers Thrive

Another reason why IT candidates are doing so well in the world of business has to do with the increasing number of companies making their workers work remotely. IT has always been a flexible field that could be done remotely (for the most part). Due to this fact, many IT technicians are already comfortable working remotely. Therefore, they can easily make this change at the request of companies. 

Furthermore, since IT workers can accomplish much of their scope of work remotely, their employers often call on them to help troubleshoot issues that other employees are facing. 

The high demand for talented tech workers has turned the IT industry into a candidate’s market. Now, more than ever, an IT technician can choose and stroll down their desired career path as there is certainly a need for their expertise in each industry. 

How Can Techbridge Help?

At TechBridge, our goal is to bridge the gap between business and employee. We match qualified workers with the companies who need them. If you have any further questions or you’re interested in our staffing and recruiting process, contact us today!

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