Why Salt Lake City Is The Best Place To Be For IT Jobs

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Why Salt Lake City Is The Place To Be For IT Jobs

When it comes to IT, you may be curious as to where you should set up shop. After all, there are IT jobs everywhere, right? While this may be true, there are certain advantages to one location over another. As it stands, one of the best locations for IT is Salt Lake City, Utah. While this may seem odd at first, there are actually several reasons. Here is why Salt Lake City is the place to be for IT jobs.

It’s A Fast-Growing City

One of the reasons Salt Lake City is such a great location for IT is the rapidly growing population. Their current population stands just above 213,000. While this isn’t the largest US city by far, it is the largest city in Utah. What’s more, the rapid growth means more job openings for those who are searching.

Salt Lake City has grown by 14.44% in the last 10 years. This growth has brought many new companies and job opportunities. What’s more, it has boosted the city’s economic growth. This extra revenue creates opportunities for further growth and expansion. As more companies move to Salt Lake, they need technical support. This is an excellent area for those looking to utilize their IT talent in the business world either by means of full-time hire, or contract labor. 

It’s The Best City To Start A Career

While growth alone isn’t enough to qualify Salt Lake City as “the place to be”, it certainly gives it an edge. What’s more, Salt Lake City was ranked the #1 best city to start a career in by a detailed 2019 analysis. This is due in part to the growing population, as well as the ease of job entry and the average earnings of various positions.

The large number of graduates from the University of Utah attracts businesses looking for a talented labor pool. Candidates  searching for a job can find one with relative ease. Whether you’ve been in IT for years, or are simply starting out, give serious thought to letting Salt Lake City be your home base. It could just open up opportunities for you and your company that you never dreamed of!

It’s A Tech Hub

Aside from the population growth and #1 ranking, Salt Lake City still has desirable qualities that make it the place to be for IT jobs. The leading reason being that Salt Lake is a central hub for tech companies. Salt Lake’s tech market has been taking off for years.

Globally recognized tech companies such as Adobe, EMC, Micron, Intel, Facebook, and Microsoft operate out of Salt Lake City Headquarters. This has led to both expectation and demand. With so many globally recognized brands, companies expect to receive top talent when searching for IT support. The demand also increases as more companies move to the area to take advantage of the available talent. Choosing to operate out of Salt Lake affords you opportunities and connections that you may not have anywhere else.

While there are several cities that would be a great location for IT, Salt Lake City certainly stands apart as the #1 place to be for those involved in IT.

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