Why Is Cloud Technology So Hot In SLC?

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Information technology is an ever-growing field that benefits millions of people around the world. As businesses find innovative ways to share their brand with consumers, technology is usually the primary tool of success. 

As technology has evolved, businesses have been forced to adapt to the change as new software and programs are made available. Over time, one aspect of the technology that has stood out has been the Cloud. Areas like Salt Lake City are especially fond of Cloud technology, and for good reason. Why is Cloud technology so hot in SLC? Here’s what you need to know.

What Is Cloud Technology?

Cloud technology allows for the delivery of multiple services on the internet. Cloud offers tools and applications including:

  • Data storage
  • Servers
  • Databases
  • Networking
  • Software
  • Etc

This is beneficial for businesses because it allows them to store files and other sensitive information online in a cloud-based storage system rather than on-site. This means that files can be quickly accessed by several different individuals as needed so long as there is a connection to the web.

This is a popular option for many companies because it saves money, increases productivity, boosts speed, and offers other benefits such as increased performance and security. 

The Current Tech Situation In Salt Lake City

Cloud-based technology has become increasingly popular in business. This is especially true in places like Utah, which Forbes recently named “cloud computing’s new capital”. One of the reasons this ascription is so accurate has to do with the current tech situation in Salt Lake City.

Salt Lake City has become a central tech hub as several big name tech corporations have moved their headquarters to the area. This has led to the growth and popularity of certain technologies, including cloud computing. Big tech companies have created a new era of tech that necessitates larger servers, leading to the use of the cloud. 

This increased use of Cloud technology actually led to 3 different Utah-based tech companies ranking in the top 20 of Forbes Cloud 100 list. Qualtrics, Domo, and Pluralsight all ranked number 6, 15, and 20, respectively.

While it’s impossible to know how Cloud technology will continue to grow in the future, its uses and importance to the tech world and beyond are clearly evident. Understanding and using this technology is a great way to help your company succeed. If you need help understanding or implementing cloud technology into your business, reach out to a qualified Cloud technician today.

How Can Techbridge Help?

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