What to Look for in a Full-Stack Developer

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When it comes to finding the best full-stack developer for your team, there are a few key things a good candidate will possess. Technical abilities are essential, but you should consider other factors, such as communication skills and team fit. In this blog post, we’ll explore what to look for in a full-stack developer and share tips on finding the right candidate for your organization.

Technical Skills

When identifying any IT candidate, but especially a developer, you must look at their technical skills. Developers are qualified in front-end and back-end work. They can work in your operating system, server, database, and more.

Here are some common technical skills a full-stack developer should have.

Front End Skills

Front-end skills have to do with what the client sees. Common front-end skills include:

  • JAVAScript
  • CSS
  • HTML
  • Native Application

Back End Skills

Unlike front-end skills, the back-end contains aspects and software unseen by the consumer. Common back-end skills for a full stack developer include:

  • Web Framework
  • Programming Languages
  • Database
  • Web Server
  • Operating System

Since the ability to work on both ends of your server is a unique skill set for a developer, you should always ensure they are comfortable and capable of doing so when hiring one.

Soft Skills

While technical skills are crucial, they aren’t the only thing to look for in IT talent. Soft skills are equally vital for any IT professional and should be exhibited by a full-stack developer before you decide to bring them on board.

Soft skills differ from hard skills in that they aren’t directly related to any specific field of work but transcend all business as necessary or beneficial abilities. Common soft skills include:

  • Written communication
  • Verbal communication
  • Time management
  • Adaptability
  • Versatility
  • Teamwork
  • Creativity
  • Leadership skills
  • Problem-solving
  • Critical thinking

These skills are essential. While technical skills show they can do a specific job, soft skills show if they’ll fit your company’s culture and your department’s team well. Any hiring manager considering hiring a full stack developer should take time to ensure they possess soft and technical skills.


While a degree and certifications are a great way to see if someone possesses technical knowledge, it’s equally important to have experience. There is a vast difference between knowing about something and putting it into practice.

Full-stack developers who have been in the industry for a while will have experience and insight that few others can offer. They will have encountered various problems and worked to develop solutions while utilizing their skills.

While hiring a developer with limited experience is undoubtedly cheaper, you won’t have access to the same wealth of knowledge as someone who has proven their worth with previous companies.


Given the wide range of talent, they will likely work with and consult many members of your team. This interaction makes it crucial that they fit your company culture well. Too many hiring managers make the mistake of hiring a candidate based on their credentials without looking to see if they’ll make an excellent addition to the company. This oversight can lead to conflict.

How to Hire a Full Stack Developer

Hiring a full-stack developer can be difficult. The IT industry is a candidate’s market and is in high demand and short supply. Too many hiring managers are hiring full-stack developers quickly out of desperation and then scrambling when they don’t work out.

Thankfully, TechBridge Inc. has put together a Full Stack Developer Hiring Guide which you can download. This hiring guide will walk you through what to look for in a developer and will prepare you to negotiate salary, the scope of work, and much more!

Furthermore, you can contact TechBridge Inc., an IT staffing and recruiting agency, to help you find the perfect candidate for your IT needs! The traditional hiring route takes time and money and often doesn’t even supply a fully-qualified candidate. Contact TechBridge today to find out how you can quickly get staffed and move up in the IT industry!

How Can Techbridge Help?

At TechBridge, we aim to bridge the gap between business and employee, matching qualified workers with the companies needing them. Contact us today if you have any further questions or are interested in our staffing and recruiting process, contact us today!

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