What IT Workers Really Want

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IT workers are an invaluable asset to the business world. Without tech workers, businesses would cease to operate as they do. Any business seeking growth understands the important role IT workers play, but they don’t always understand how to get them on board.

Hiring talented IT workers can be difficult if you don’t know what they want. If you think all they want is a large paycheck, you’d be mistaken. Their desires often go beyond salary. Understanding what makes your company a good fit for a tech worker is simple, yet crucial to the success of your company. Here’s what tech workers really want.

Transparency From Leadership

One of the most important aspects of a job position for an IT worker is transparency from leadership. According to a study done by Indeed, 89% of tech workers think that transparency from leadership is extremely important. No one wants to work for a company where they feel out of the loop or that management is keeping something from them.

To accommodate tech workers, strive to be a manager who is open about their expectations. Communicate goals and issues with your team when appropriate.

Opportunities To Advance

Another desire of IT workers is an opportunity to advance. Depending on the tech worker’s chosen career path, they’ll be looking for opportunities to advance within the company. Salesforce, Sitecore, and Adobe developers all have different skills and plans, and the company needs to understand these plans and strive to provide opportunities for each employee to advance down their chosen career path.

Providing opportunities for your employees to advance not only in position but also in their ability is a great way to draw in top talent. Instituting programs like an in-house digital skills training program is a wonderful way to help your employees grow in ability and increase their chances of moving forward.

Flexible Hours

IT workers want flexibility. It’s no secret that much of what IT workers do can be done remotely, or even from home. Even then, what must be done onsite is often isolated and not co-dependent on other departments. Expecting IT workers to clock in and out with everyone else can be a con for those looking at the position.

The flexibility that comes with tech work is a major draw for those who have chosen that field. The same study by Indeed mentioned above also cited 83% of tech workers as saying flexibility in the workplace was very important to them.

This doesn’t mean letting them clock in and out whenever they want, but it does mean trying to be understanding of their schedules and working with them where they can. Areas like childcare may keep a talented worker from working a standard 9-5. If their work can be done at different times, consider making allowances for schedule conflicts. Flexibility tends to lead to productivity.

How Can Techbridge Help?

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