What Is The Role Of A Salesforce Consultant?

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Salesforce Consultant

The job role of a Salesforce consultant is fairly simple, yet necessary. Salesforce consultants help businesses in a variety of ways but you will find that Salesforce consultants rely heavily on soft skills as well as technical skills. 

Facilitate Relationships With Clients

The primary responsibility of a Salesforce consultant is to help facilitate the relationship between business and client. Salesforce consultants often serve as a liaison between the two, and field any questions the client may have. Fostering relationships with the client is the first step to understanding what they need from the company. This allows the consultant to guide the company in a way that better benefits the client. Salesforce consultants work tirelessly to know the needs of the client as well as the best way for the company to meet those needs.

Develop And Organize Project Plans

Aside from facilitating relationships, a Salesforce consultant should be skilled in organization. It is the job role of a Salesforce consultant to determine how best to go about meeting each problem. While there are several points to consider, in large this is done by analyzing the project, identifying available assets, and facilitating meetings with the clients. A consultant ensures that each moving piece is where it needs to be to secure maximum efficiency. 

Create Workable Solutions Through Salesforce

On the more technical side of things, there are several skills a consultant should also possess.

  • Force.com development experience, with a strong focus on Apex and Visualforce development
  • Java or C# development experience, and web application development experience, including solid experience with Java or C#, as well as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Solid knowledge of SOQL
  • Ability to work with Sales personnel, subordinates, peers, and members of senior management, up to and including the executive level to report on all aspects of order management.

These skills allow a Salesforce consultant to not only identify problems and needs but to create workable solutions. It is the job role of a Salesforce consultant to create answers to problems and then to train clients on how to navigate those same issues. 

Salesforce consultants are a valuable asset to any company. By facilitating relationships between companies and clients, they can create a plan. After developing a strategy they can then utilize technical skills to create a solution for the client. While this seems simple, it is necessary to ensure success for both business and client. 

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