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The New IT Ep 1 | What Does The Future Of Information Technology Jobs Look Like?

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What Does The Future Of Information Technology Jobs Look Like?

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So why are we calling it the new i. T brad, what’s going on with this new It. Thing? What are we talking about? So what we’ve seen is the industry is changing and it’s changing because companies are looking for project based work more now more than ever. So you’re starting to see i. T change in the fact that companies don’t just want that, that one person to be on their payroll, they’re looking for somebody who can come in, get the job done, lower their costs and then be able to go from there. Do you see that is the future. I mean, that is the future of i. T. That it’s gonna be more outsource than anything else. Is there still gonna be a job there for the i. T. Guy to go to a company and work for them? Yes, I think there will be, but I think it’s gonna be dramatically different ____ IT is changing, and we can’t just have some really smart guy in the corner in the dark anymore. There’s too much integration with what’s really going on with your company, don’t you think? Is that what you’ve seen? Oh, absolutely. I think soft skills matter now more than they ever have. Typically, you think of an IT person and you think of somebody who’s very introverted, who keeps to themselves. Companies are evolving to the point where they don’t want that anymore. They want people who are engaging. No matter, no matter what company you work for they’re looking for that person to say, you know what? I can contribute. I understand. Not just here. Let me fix your stuff and and be on my way. No, they want to engage. They want you to be part of the company. They want you to have that company culture and those values that they share because they’re in a shared mission. ____ Why do people want to listen to this show specifically? What do you think with the new IT. What are we getting at here? Yeah, I think the biggest thing of why they wanna listen is because we’re here to give a better understanding of what it is in the new i. T what it’s supposed to look like whether you’re a client looking to higher, the talent or whether you’re a candidate looking to grow your career. That’s important because we’re going over both sides and to kind of back up a little bit. You come from that client side, you’re a headhunter for lack of a better word…. And I come from the IT side of hiring and being a part of i. T for over 25 years, and we both kind of run into those things together. I think we know a lot about both of our sides. So we just feel like it’s this perfect match to talk about the new IT ____ You said that there’s more jobs than people. I would think that wow, I should put my resume on people will come running to me. Why don’t they? It depends on where you’re putting your application when you’re when you’re posting to those job boards, thousands of other thousands of other people that are that are doing the exact same. How are you possibly going to stand out? Exactly. So when companies go to those sites, it’s literally you’re looking for a needle in a haystack. What we do is we revamp, we help you revamp your resume, so that’s one way to do it. Not only that, we suggest doing video interviews, videos, video interviews are a new and upcoming way to stand out. You can quickly do a 60 second intro say, hey, this is what i’m about. I would love to join your company. This is how you just put that in your resume, (you can put) a link to your video. Yup! Who I could see that that would have a lot of value. ___ Standing out. It’s really gonna come down to your soft skills. No matter. No matter what your knowledge or skill set is, it’s going to be how do you relate to somebody through the interview process it’s a personal touch. It’s how are you communicating (we’re back to that again) exactly. The days of being an idiot and interpersonal skills is gone. Absolutely, and it’s not. It’s not what you know, but it’s how you present what you know, and that’s the big thing. And that’s the take away that I want candidates to understand. Is being able to tout that yes, you have these skills. Yes, you could do this. Yes, you’ve had this many years of experience. Those days have just relying solely on what you know are gone. It’s more about how do you present it? How do you get along with team members? How are you going to contribute? That’s really what companies look for, and that’s that’s the big thing. ___


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