What Is The Difference Between IS, IT, and ICT?

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Most individuals recognize the term “IT”, and could probably even tell you it stands for Information Technology. But if asked to give an exact definition, they would probably give some vague definition related to computers or software.

Further confusion arises when similar terms like IS and ICT come into play. While there are similarities between these three terms, there are also key differences. To effectively use each area, it’s important to understand and maximize those differences. Here is the difference between IS, IT, and ICT.

Information Technology

Information Technology, or IT, is the most common of these terms. This area covers a large range of technologies based on computing, networking, and data storage. These technologies are typically all about quickly and efficiently processing data.

ere are many similarities between these two fields, those interested in a career in the tech field should understand the differences. While both areas mostly pertain to computers, their career paths can vary and require different education and training.

IS is an overarching umbrella under which IT falls. Computers, hard drives, as well as other electronic devices are used to store, organize, and deliver information. While these devices would be identified as an IT system, they are part of the overall IS.

Information And Communications Technology

ICT and IT are essentially the same things, especially over the last few years. One key difference would be that ICT is a broader term. ICT includes telecommunications infrastructure like mobile phone networks.

The reason these two terms are slowly becoming synonymous is that many modern communications technologies are digital. As more IT technologies begin to include communications, the distinction between IT and ICT will slowly fade.

ICT has several great career choices as well. Actuarial sciences, analytics, programming, communications, and computer security are just a few options.

Although these terms are similar in many ways, Those in the IT field must understand their differences as well as their unique characteristics and roles.

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