What Does It Take To Become A Salesforce Developer?

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Become a salesforce developer

A Salesforce Developer is a valuable and highly sought after position. Studies show that companies who use Salesforce see a 35% increase in customer satisfaction. So it stands to reason that Salesforce is incredibly beneficial to businesses. Therefore those who can utilize it have much to contribute and are a welcomed asset to any company. So this begs the questions, what does it take to become a Salesforce Developer?

What Is A Salesforce Developer

When considering how to become a developer, it’s important to first understand what Salesforce is. Salesforce is a cloud-based software that helps provide client relationship management services. Salesforce Developers design, implement, test, and deploy solutions leveraging HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Lightening, and other technologies. Essentially you’ll build Salesforce applications to help meet customer/client needs.  There are also several skills a Developer should possess. Salesforce Developers should have:

  • Experience developing and delivering solutions to real customer problems, preferably with an emphasis on Sales, Support, Finance, Marketing and Engineering issues
  • Force.com development experience, with a strong focus on Apex and Visualforce development
  • Java or C# development experience, and web application development experience, including solid experience with Java or C#, as well as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Solid knowledge of SOQL
  • Ability to work with Sales personnel, subordinates, peers, and members of senior management, up to and including the executive level to report on all aspects of order management.

Developers use tools such as Apex and Visualforce to develop these solutions and work closely with clients to create workable solutions that benefit their company.

Roles And Responsibilities

Salesforce Developers have several roles and responsibilities. While it is hard to create an exhaustive list, here are several areas that a Salesforce Developer is responsible for managing. 

  • Identify user needs, then design and develop workable solutions for those needs
  • Inform customers of software upgrades for their existing apps and programs
  • Proactively adapt to changing Salesforce and .Net//Java platforms
  • Design applications, then plan their implementation
  • Address data inconsistencies 
  • Lead programmers in writing additional software code as needed
  • Regularly conduct testing on programs to ensure everything is running correctly
  • Build relationships with clients to better understand their needs and how you can help provide solutions

Being a Salesforce Developer can be difficult at times. However, it is a great career choice with several wonderful benefits. Glassdoor reports that Salesforce Developers make roughly $77,500 annually. Although not everyone can handle these roles and responsibilities, those who are passionate about Salesforce development are sure to find a fulfilling career in this field. 

Steps To Becoming A Salesforce Developer

If you’re interested in becoming a Salesforce Developer, you may be curious as to which steps you should take. Most Developers have a BS in computer science, software engineering, or another similar area of study. Getting the proper education is the first step towards your new career path. After you’ve completed your schooling, it is good to gain hands-on experience by means of an internship. This will allow you to see what exactly companies look for in their Salesforce Developers. This lets you know how you can stand out against top talent in your given field. Typically, developers start out as programmers and then work their way up. Although the journey may not happen overnight, those who are dedicated find that becoming a Salesforce Developer is an excellent decision.

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