What Are The Top 5 IT Jobs In Salt Lake City

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What Are The Top 5 IT Jobs In Salt Lake City?

Information technology jobs are becoming increasingly common. As the world evolves, so does technology. More and more companies are beginning to implement complex technological procedures into their business practice. Therefore more and more IT positions are needing to be filled. This makes for a difficult choice when choosing your career path. However, some positions are far better than others. Here are the top 5 IT jobs in Salt Lake City.

Big Data Engineer

As businesses grow, they are in need of an individual who is able to convert large amounts of data into actionable information. This information is used for strategy, making decisions, innovation, etc. Those who are qualified to do this work are paid very well for their services. The average salary for Big Data Engineers is around $166,500. These engineers are typically responsible for the creation of a company’s software and hardware architecture, as well as the systems used to work on the data. A degree in computer science and ability and mathematics are usually required for someone to fill this position.

Mobile Applications Developer

Another one of the top IT jobs in Salt Lake City, and arguably the most relevant, is that of Mobile Applications Developer. There’s hardly a person alive who hasn’t used an application on their phone or tablet. As this is such a common function, it’s understandable why this job is in such high demand. These experts are able to develop and create apps for platforms such as iOS and Android.The average salary for this position is around $135,750. While this isn’t quite as high as Big Data Engineer, you could argue the demand for this type of work makes up for it. Mobile Applications Developers are in high demand and generally have no issues finding work.

Information Systems Security Manager

As the business world embraces more and more technology, greater amounts of sensitive information are stored online. Some criminals make their living by stealing this information. This leaves employers in need of IT experts who can help keep this sensitive data safe and out of the wrong hands. Qualified candidates for this job generally have a technical background in systems and network security. More than that, as managers they should possess soft skills such as:

  • Leadership
  • Analytical thinking
  • Problem solving
  • Written communication
  • Verbal communication

IT leaders are a great and necessary asset to a company. Generally, to prove their abilities, they are asked to present certifications such as Certified Information Systems Security Professional, or CompTIASecurity+. The average salary for this position is $149,000.

Senior Web Developer

Senior Web Developers are responsible for gathering and developing specifications used for web-based applications. They work to make web properties look presentable by focusing on consistency and appeal. Senior Web Developers should have experience in areas such as developing on PHP as well as be familiar with several content management systems. They may assist in other areas such as front-end development or managing web properties. Therefore they should have a wide understanding of the different areas required for effective web development. Senior Web Developers generally make about $124,750 each year.

Software Engineer

Software Engineers design and create specifications for applications and other software. This particular field of work is almost always needed and those who choose this career path generally have no issues finding work. They are required to have information systems knowledge and typically only need a bachelor’s in computer science of some related field. They need to be well versed in specific programming language knowledge as well as possess strong communication skills. However, they are paid well with their average annual salary being around $123,250.

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