Top Reasons to Work with a Recruitment Partner

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Top Reasons To Work With A Recruitment Partner 

When it comes to hiring the right candidate for your company, there’s not a lot of margin for error. Great care is often given when considering new applicants. After all, it would be foolish to bring someone into your company without making sure they are the right fit for you and your team. Making this decision can be difficult, but thankfully there are specialists who make it their mission to help ease this process and bring you in contact with top talent. Recruitment partners are an excellent source for your company to help move you forward with the hiring process. 

It Optimizes The Hiring Process

It is no secret that the hiring process can be lengthy in nature. The average time to hire is 23 days.  After all, it takes time and manpower to sift through applicant after applicant looking for the right fit. However, working with a recruitment partner can speed this up dramatically. It takes a recruiter about 6 seconds to scan a candidate’s resume. This leaves HR free to focus on other work-related issues and brings in a new candidate in a relatively swift manner.

Recruitment partners make it their mission to pair companies with qualified talent. Because this is their purpose, their attention isn’t divided between recruiting and other workplace matters. On average, each corporate position attracts roughly 250 resumes. It takes a lot of time to go through each of these while looking for a qualified candidate. Working with a recruitment partner keeps your company’s focus on the task at hand. You can remain confident that a qualified candidate is on their way.

Recruitment Partners Know What You’re Looking For

Recruiters strive to understand what your company needs and what hiring managers are looking for. By tailoring their search according to your need they are more likely to bring you an excellent candidate. Rather than conducting interview after interview, you can rest assured knowing that your recruitment partner knows exactly what you’re looking for and is working tirelessly to bring you in contact with a qualified candidate.

Recruitment partners are well informed of the business world. They can provide crucial information as to who might be the most helpful for your company as well as what skills might be necessary for them to have. As recruitment partners work with several companies and candidates, they learn over time what talent fits best with each company. Recruiters can be a goldmine of information.

Recruiters Have Access To Top Talent 

Perhaps one of the greatest reasons to work with a recruitment partner is that they have access to top talent individuals and know exactly who is available to work for your company. As recruitment agencies often build relationships with candidates, they know who is actively searching and can bring you in contact with a qualified candidate in a quick and efficient manner. When working with a recruitment partner, you may be put in contact with a great candidate you otherwise wouldn’t know about.

Filling a position as quickly as possible is not what recruiters aim to do. Recruitment partners strive to find the right fit, not the first fit. You are guaranteed to find a candidate who is not only qualified, but also a great asset to your team.  By placing candidates in an ideal position, this helps to limit the average annual turnover rate of 19%. In the long run, recruiters can become a great investment for your company by saving you time and money!

How Can TechBridge Help?

Our goal is to bridge the gap between business and employee, matching qualified workers with the companies who need them. We are a full-service staffing and recruiting company that specializes in IT developers with experience in Adobe, Salesforce, Sitecore, and Magento. Whether you are looking for direct-hires, temp-to-hire,  or managed partner solutions, we have the top talent you need.

Contact us today and let us bridge the connection between you and the right people for your project.

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