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Choosing a career is a difficult and important decision. With so many options to choose from in the IT industry, how do you know which IT career is right for you? Thankfully, you can gain some clarity by looking at the top IT careers in your area to compare and evaluate where you want to be someday. While the job you start with may not be what you want to do long-term, it may be a great first stepping stone on a long and successful career path. Here are the top 5 IT careers in Salt Lake City.

Cloud Management

Cloud is an aspect of IT that has grown in both popularity and necessity. “Cloud” is the group of servers that are accessed across the internet, as well as the databases and software that operates on those servers. When a company utilizes Cloud computing, they don’t have to manage the physical servers themselves. Furthermore, they don’t have to fund their applications on their own machines. 

As more and more companies begin using cloud computing as a regular part of their business, Cloud management has become a highly sought-after position. Those who make a career in Cloud will only become more successful as many individuals believe that companies will soon move from a “Cloud First” mindset to a “Cloud Only” stance. At that point, most everything will be moved to Cloud, creating even more demand for Cloud technicians. 

Cyber Security

Cyber Security is an IT career that has become increasingly important, especially in Salt Lake City as it is such a tech hub. As companies have begun to store more sensitive information and materials online, it has increased the number of cyber threats. Hackers and viruses are both major threats to the security of a company.

Cyber Security professionals are able to help protect a company’s online assets by implementing:

  • Firewalls
  • Secure configuration
  • User access control
  • Malware protection
  • Patch management

Cyber Security careers cover multiple positions and responsibilities including risk management, network security, and incident management. With plenty of options and many opportunities for advancement, this is a great career choice for anyone in Salt Lake City. 


DevOps focuses on building software quickly and releasing it through the use of automation. Essentially, software can go through several steps from a simple click.

There are multiple job positions within this career, and each is slightly different. The DevOps engineer, for example, is responsible for managing the CI/CD (continuous integration and continuous deployment) environment. Software developers, on the other hand, focus on developing the code used in the software.

While DevOps really just works on improving the release of software through the optimization of precesses, it’s necessary and efficient work. With an average salary of $106,000 in 

Salt Lake City, it’s also lucrative work and a great career choice. 

Business Analysis

Business analysts are capable of looking at business processes, and through the use of metrics, determine what areas are performing well, and what areas need to be reworked. Business analysts can be beneficial to every field of work, but require organization, discipline, and attention to detail. 

The abilities of a business analyst will be further improved by their ability to use and understand key software applications as they are a valuable tool when analyzing business processes. This is a great career option for anyone serious about the IT industry. There is much room for growth. While business analysts make an average salary of $68,000, as you move up the ladder to senior analyst, to technology architect, to enterprise architect, you can eventually be making an annual salary of $110,000 – $190,000.

Robotic Process Automation

This career option is currently growing due to the high demand of automation within companies. Not only is RPA a successful career in its own right, but it can launch you into other successful careers should you so desire.

Those working in RPA work on automating the monotonous day-to-day tasks typically overseen by employees. This saves the company money and time, something they always count as a win. As new technology and software is released, business managers are hiring those who have made a career in RPA to implement those new softwares and automate more and more tasks. Because technology is always evolving, there will always be a need and desire for automation, making RPA a secure career option.

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