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Three Mistakes Not to Make When Hiring an Adobe Experience Manager

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This is an audio translation of the video: 

There are three missteps you can make one hiring an adobe experienced manager developer number one hiring a candidate because you’re pressed for time. If you just started looking for an AEM developer, you may feel like you’re lost. I’m not sure where to begin.

It might be tempting to hire someone or really anyone with a basic understanding of AEM. You could say to yourself we could just train this person and teach them everything we need to know, right? Yeah, you could do this, but you may end up causing yourself more headaches and frustration.

Then you expected now, is that really worth it? And you even have the time number two, trusting that hr teams understand your needs because AEM is so customizable.

You need a developer with more technical knowledge than the average developer. This means the person searching for the candidate should have the technical knowledge about the capabilities of AEM. Well, it’s more likely than not that your well-meaning hr team won’t be able to fill that open position right away because they’re not sure what to look for.

Number three going without an AEM recruiting specialist and AEM recruiting specialists worked every day to build and maintain relationships with AEM developers. They know the ins and outs of AEM so they know what to look for and what to avoid.

Chances are they’ll already have a candidate in mind when you contact them for your project. Partnering with an AEM recruiting agency like Techbridge can put you on the fastest and easiest path to fill in your open AEM position right away because we bridge the gap between you and the talent you need.



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