The Top 5 Cloud Careers

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The IT industry has grown exponentially over the past few years. As technology evolves and more companies move to digital platforms, IT technicians are in high demand. Cloud computing, in particular, has grown. It is a collection of systems and databases that are remote from a company but allow employees to access information and files online. This has helped increase productivity and efficiency in the workplace. This has led to an increased demand for Cloud technicians, making it an excellent career choice for those in the IT industry. Here are the top 5 Cloud careers.

Cloud Administrator

Cloud Administrators are primarily responsible for managing a business’s cloud presence and infrastructure. Administrators develop and update cloud-related policies, establish security protocols, and oversee technology updates. Cloud Administrators must have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or a related field. While salaries vary based on the company and location, most Cloud Administrators make around $96,000 each year.

Cloud Architect

For those considering “architect” as their Cloud career, you are in for a fun career path with high demand. Cloud Architects create the framework that all other cloud technologies operate within. Essentially, they are an IT general contractor, making sure that everything is operating as it should. To be a Cloud Architect, you need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science and can make an average salary of $137,000.

Cloud Engineer

Cloud Engineers oversee the management of a company’s cloud strategies. Engineers generally work with architects to oversee the implementation of the cloud strategy but may also handle administrative work. Cloud Engineers need at least a bachelor’s degree in computer science, as well as a solid understanding of programming languages such as Java or Python. Cloud Engineers can expect to make an average of $128,000 each year.

Cloud Consultant

Cloud Consultants should have a good grasp of cloud technologies, as well as be able to guide companies through the process of obtaining cloud-based tools. Operating in an advisory role, Cloud Consultants help businesses implement cloud technology within their budget by directing them to the correct platforms that best fit their needs. Cloud Consultants should have a bachelor’s degree in computer science or information technology and can make around $126,000 each year.

Cloud Security Analyst

With the rising threat of cyber attacks, Cloud Security Analysts are increasingly necessary and sought after. They help maintain the integrity of a business’s cloud infrastructure by analyzing threats, implementing defenses, and monitoring any security gaps or data breaches. Cloud Security Analysts should have a bachelor’s degree in cybersecurity, computer science, or information technology. The average annual salary for this position is around $90,000.

There are many possible Cloud careers, and choosing one can be difficult. If you’re having trouble deciding which Cloud career is right for you, consider reaching out to an IT staffing and recruiting agency. IT recruiters can help you analyze your strengths, as well as connect you with companies looking for top talent. Reach out to a recruiter today to take your next step on the path to a successful Cloud career!

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