The Top 5 AWS Careers

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Amazon Web Services, or AWS, is an increasingly common position found on the IT career path. Amazon’s increasing popularity, as well as the growth of the IT industry, have made AWS careers a necessity. Since AWS is one of the most comprehensive cloud platforms, it has been utilized by startups and enterprises all over the world. Before getting into an AWS career, it’s important to understand which positions you should pursue and what you might need to be successful in that role. Here are the top 5 AWS careers.

AWS Cloud Engineer

This is perhaps the best AWS career choice as it is one of the most highly sought-after positions. The demand for Cloud Engineers affords those candidates the opportunity to choose which company they work for. This role oversees the design, configuration, management, and maintenance of cloud infrastructures. The average salary for AWS Cloud Engineers is around $130,000 per year.

AWS Developer

AWS Developers primarily focus on content delivery and writing code. Due to the nature of this position, it’s imperative that developers have an understanding of high-level programming languages. That aside, qualified candidates who fill this position can make around $125,000 each year.

AWS Solutions Architect

An AWS Solutions Architect must have soft skills as well as technical skills. Their job requires them to interact with customers to help provide workable solutions to their problems. Architects must have a deep understanding of the technical knowledge related to their job, as well as the ability to clearly communicate that with others. Solutions Architects make around $155,000 each year.

AWS DevOps Engineer

This position merges cloud computing benefits with the DevOps concept. One of the more popular positions within the world of IT, an AWS DevOps Engineer must understand high-level programming languages, coding, a deep understanding of various DevOps tools, and broad knowledge of AWS services. The average annual salary of this position is around $140,000.

AWS DevSecOps

Taking DevOps one step further, this career brings added security to DevOps solutions and cloud computing. The training for this position is extensive, as potential candidates will need:

  • AWS security knowledge
  • A solid understanding of AWS services
  • Experience with Terraform/CloudFormation
  • The ability to develop CI/CD pipelines
  • Linux development experience

If you’re willing to put in the time and effort to prepare for this career, you can enjoy a salary of around $140,000 annually.

There are many AWS careers worth choosing. If you need help identifying which one is right for you, consider reaching out to an IT staffing and recruiting agency for consultation. A recruiter can help you analyze your strengths, as well as provide you with companies looking for top talent to hire. If you need help taking the next step in your IT career, reach out to a staffing agency today!

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