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The New IT Ep 36 | proofpoint

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Today’s episode discusses staffing agencies and how they affect your company’s liability. Brad and Bobby, along with guest speaker Darren Lee from Proofpoint, discuss the changing IT landscape, as well as how Proofpoint is using technology in an innovative way to grow the business. Together, these tech experts analyze the role of technology within Proofpoint and how they’ve made it work for them. Tune into this week’s episode to find out more about how technology can be used in an innovative way to help you grow your business!

“The expectation of any technology company is in order to survive to grow, inherent in the model is it has to be a disruptor. And so, we stare at two things when we talk about disruption. For us, number one, you’ve got to be changing a prior mode of behavior or a mode of taking action with something brand new and different. The second is equally important. In order to be sustainable, the business model too must be disruptive and support the new innovation.”

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