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It’s been said that success rises and falls with leadership. This statement is true in many fields, and the IT industry is no expectation. For many IT companies, their success is directly linked to the effectiveness of their leaders. 

The traits of a successful IT leader are important and should be considered by all who find themselves in that position. Leadership is among the most crucial aspects of any industry and should not be taken lightly. If you’re looking to increase your leadership abilities, here are a few common traits that you can pursue!

They Deliver Results

Successful IT leaders understand that they’re part of a company, and therefore must deliver results. Some people in leadership positions focus too much on “having fun” and fail to be productive. Effective leaders keep their focus on the goal and constantly move towards delivering results in a timely and effective manner.

Leaders Constantly Grow

Great leaders understand their shortcomings and are humble enough to learn and grow. Self-aware leaders identify their strengths, but also are honest about their weaknesses. What makes a great IT leader is the ability to work on those weaknesses and constantly strive to better themselves for their company. 

Leaders Aren’t Bosses

Leaders lead by example, whereas bosses tell people what to do. Bosses are often resented as “out of touch” or “lazy”. Leaders show their team the importance of work ethic by demonstrating what it looks like. A good IT leader will always get more effort out of their team than a “boss” because they lead by example, encouraging their team to give more as they have given more.

That being said, leaders are also capable of making tough decisions. After all, leaders are there for a reason. Effective IT leaders understand the importance of decision-making and direction, but they handle it appropriately in a way that doesn’t come across as “commanding”. 

They Communicate Well

Communication is one of the most valuable soft skills. Good leaders are able to communicate their vision with their IT staff. However, great leaders understand that communication is a two-way street and are always open to suggestions and recommendations.

Effective leaders leave the door open for their staff to express their concerns and opinions. Clear communication is one of the most foundational tools of any successful business, and exceptional leaders have gained mastery over it. 

Leaders Grow Their Team

It’s been said that truly great leaders are expendable. This means that leaders shouldn’t know how to do anything that no one else can do if needed. While this is unlikely to happen, it does set the ideal for how an IT department should operate.

Good managers have a mindset to invest in their team, both as people and as workers. Just as a leader should inspire their team members to better themselves as individuals, they should also provide opportunities to grow their tech skills through in-house training programs and other opportunities to gain experience. 

Leaders Are Human

If you want to be a truly great IT leader, it is important to remember and admit that you are only human. Admit and apologize when you’re wrong, be upfront when you don’t know something, and showcase your humanity through a sense of humor and camaraderie with your team. 

When team members can better relate and understand those in charge, they are more likely to connect and attach to those individuals in a way that increases both company morale and productivity. 

Character Is Important

One of the most important aspects of a successful IT leader is character. Honesty, integrity, and humility are essential for anyone leading a team. If a team feels that they can trust their leader, they are more likely to faithfully follow through with direction and leadership. 

While there are many more traits of a successful IT leader that could be mentioned, these are a few of the more important factors that you should consider and grow as you become a better leader. Focusing on personal growth and leadership is an essential part of company growth because again, success often rises and falls with leadership. 

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