Sitecore: Top 8 Features And Benefits For Developers

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Sitecore is a content management system (CMS) that allows users to create, manage, and modify digital content. Whether used by businesses or individuals, Sitecore comes with several advantages for its users. Here are the top 8 Sitecore features and benefits for developers.

1. Easy Integration

One of the more appreciated features of Sitecore is its ability to be integrated into other software. Other software such as Salesforce, other data-collecting software, or customer relationship management can all be integrated with Sitecore to create a move unified experience for the user.

2. Top-Notch Security

Sitecore enables developers with the ability to restrict access and content-user capabilities, adding another level of security. You can restrict access at the account or item level, which provides further flexibility for any project which involves multiple stakeholders.

Sitecore’s security also brings with it an inheritance access right. This controls whether security rights are able to be passed from parent items to child items. You can also grant the inheritance access right on an account by account basis. This provides top-notch security, customizable to the user.

3. Separate Design And Content

Another benefit for developers is the ability to deal with content management and content delivery separately. This allows developers to focus on primary tasks like managing client demand, administration, and security.

4. Flexible Configuration

Sitecore’s content management system and customizable to the user’s preference. This means that almost everything can be overridden or extended based on the developer’s needs.

5. Import Functionality

Sitecore developers also have the benefit of reusing code. This is done by exporting customized functionality from Sitecore and putting it in a package that can be imported to another project. These packages can store Sitecore items, DLLs, web controls, templates, and CSS. All of this can be installed and managed on the Sitecore desktop view.

6. Speedy Development

Developers have the option of using external tools such as Microsoft Visual Studio. This allows work to be accomplished faster. Other debugging tools and code completion enhancements are also available for use.

7. Deployment Options

One of the unique benefits of Sitecore’s design is the ability to instantly manage and deploy an unlimited amount of code across the site.

8. Extensive Support System

Sitecore has a vast support system. This allows developers and companies to access support and insights from various individuals around the world. This system is an incredibly valuable asset to developers as it can provide them with multiple answers and techniques for various technical issues.

Sitecore is used in various industries around the world. Its features and benefits for developers are numerous. Consider utilizing this CMS as a viable option for your business.

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