Should I Hire IT Staff With Degrees?

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Finding top IT talent can be stressful. Constant interviews, unmet qualifications, and
disagreements over salary are all stressful ways to quickly eliminate potential candidates until
you’re left with none.

Due to excess work and a shortage of talent, some businesses are forgoing the degree
requirements to expand their talent pool. But is this the right option? Shouldn’t you hold out and
hire IT staff with degrees? Here are some things to consider when hiring IT staff.


Degrees are proof of a certain level of education. However, the IT world is constantly changing
and new software and methods may have been released that the degree doesn’t cover. Not all
individuals keep their tech skills current. More important than a degree is an employee’s ability
to do their job.

Whether an interviewee has a degree or not, take time during the interview process to go over
their skills in detail. Find out what experience they have and how it pertains to their job
description. You’ll likely find that not all candidates with a degree have the skills required for a
position. Likewise, those without a degree may be perfectly capable.


When hiring IT staff, discuss their education with them during the interview. Even if they don’t
have a degree, they may have completed other training courses or taken classes to further their
IT skills.

This possibility is greatly enhanced by the availability of online courses through sites like
Hubspot, which offer courses on digital marketing and other skills. Many individuals are adding
these courses to their resumes in an attempt to better themselves and further their career
opportunities. Take time to ask potential employees about their education.


Many companies offer in-house training courses and career development courses. Even if
someone doesn’t have a “formal degree” they may have practical training and experience with
another company. Ask them about their history. Identify which skills they used in past positions
and whether they’re relevant to your business.



Another point to consider when hiring IT staff is their attitude. Just because someone has a
degree doesn’t guarantee they will be a good fit within your company or on the team. A good
employee is much more than their education. Attitude and other soft skills must be considered
during the selection process.

Should I Hire IT Staff With Degrees?

Degrees are a great way to see that someone has a certain level of education. You simply can’t
make them the only requirement. In fact, sometimes they shouldn’t be a requirement at all.
There are many talented people capable of meeting your IT needs. But not all of them may have
a degree.

So to answer this question, “should I hire IT staff with degrees?” yes. If they’re qualified. If not,
look elsewhere. It’s better to have a talented individual who fits well into your company and can
benefit your business through their skills and abilities.

How Can Techbridge Help?

At TechBridge, our goal is to bridge the gap between business and employee, matching
qualified workers with the companies who need them. If you have any further questions or
you’re interested in our staffing and recruiting process, contact us today!

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