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COVID-19 brought a drastic increase in the number of remote workers. As companies were forced to limit or shut down their physical locations, they moved online to help improve their bottom line. As new procedures were implemented, many businesses found that remote workers helped their business model rather than hurt it. While remote workers offer many benefits to their employees, it can be difficult to navigate the process of finding and hiring talented candidates remotely. Thankfully, there are some strategies to help business managers through this. Here’s how to find talent remotely.

Finding Remote Workers

There are many ways to find talented candidates remotely. While they’ll still need to go through the hiring process and meet the appropriate qualifications, you can rest easy knowing that remote hiring doesn’t have to be a barrier for you and your company. Here are some common ways to find talent remotely.

Job Boards

Posting an optimized job description is a great way to capture the attention of top talent. However, it’s important to optimize your job description to help you stand out from the crowd. Remote workers, especially those in the IT industry, have many options given the current state of the business world.

Employee Referrals

Another great way to find talent remotely is to ask your current employees if they know of anyone looking for work. This is effective because your current team will be able to explain what it’s like working for you and your company better than you can. Any leads generated from referrals should be promising. Consider offering a referral incentive and hiring bonus as a further enticement.

Staffing Agencies

The most effective way to hire talented candidates remotely is through a staffing agency. These services can help connect you with individuals looking for work who would fit your business model perfectly. Simply let your staffing representative know what you’re looking for and what skills are necessary, and let them do the rest.

Necessary Skills for Remote Workers

When hiring remote workers, they’ll likely need to be skilled in certain areas that may not be needed for a physical location. Navigating online interviews, meetings and sharing sensitive information should be handled with discretion. Make sure that any necessary skills are listed in your job description and discussed in the initial interview process. This will help you avoid any issues down the road.

Furthermore, there are challenges that come with managing remote workers. Because of this, you should look for candidates who are responsible and capable of completing their work without having to be micromanaged. Take time during the interview process to discuss how they organize and manage their day-to-day schedule to ensure that everything gets done on time.

The Interview Process for Remote Workers

While working remotely offers many benefits for employees and employers alike, it can also cause problems if the candidate isn’t the right fit. To ensure that remote work won’t be an issue, consider adding some of the following questions to your normal interview process.

  • What is your history with remote work?
  • How do you stay engaged while working remotely?
  • What platforms have you used to communicate with off-site coworkers?
  • How can you reduce miscommunications through emails and instant messages?
  • What are your greatest challenges when working remotely, and how do you address them?
  • How do you create a healthy balance between working remotely and your personal life without letting one affect the other?

Consider reaching out to an IT staffing and recruiting agency for help identifying the best ways to contact and connect with remote workers.

How Can Techbridge Help?

At TechBridge, our goal is to bridge the gap between business and employee, matching qualified workers with the companies who need them. If you have any further questions or you’re interested in our staffing and recruiting process, contact us today!

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