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Today’s episode of The New IT podcast takes a look at how technology is being used to thwart phishing schemes online.

Brad Anderson, CEO of TechBridge, a Salt Lake City IT staffing company, and Bobby Glen James, Author, Speaker, and founder of BoTecha IT Support, along with guest speaker Joshua from PhishFirewall, talk about how PhishFirewall is using technology in an innovative way to protect companies against phishing schemes. Phishing is a common problem within businesses, resulting in data leaks and theft.

How can you innovatively use technology to protect your company’s online data?

Phishing schemes are all too common in the workplace and can compromise your sensitive information. PhishFirewall has learned to use technology to stop these attacks.

“Phishing attacks are the biggest problem in cyber security, and it’s not going away. Over 95% of the breaches that you hear about in the news every day start with a phish click.  And so it is certain that the biggest problem we have. In the entire sector of security awareness of anti-phishing, humans are the weakest link in the security chain. The problem is every one of my competitors has humans in the link, trying to fix the problem.” – Joshua, PhishFirewall

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We seek out developers from around the world to ensure that we have top talent to fill positions in a niche industry.

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