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Women in Tech

Today’s episode discusses the role of women in tech and how different the IT industry can be for women compared to men. Brad and Bobby discuss the changing IT landscape, as well as how the IT industry challenges women in ways it may not challenge men. Whether you’re a woman working in the IT industry, or a manager wanting to better manage your female employees, hear what these tech experts have to say on the subject in this week’s episode. Brad Anderson, CEO of TechBridge, a Salt Lake City IT staffing and Recruting company, and Bobby Glen James, Author, Speaker, and founder of BoTecha IT Support discuss the importance of degrees in the IT industry in the New IT podcast episode, “Women In Tech”.

“I love being able to come and dig in deep into areas where women are underrepresented. What, where, and when women are underrepresented. So to be able to be a person who can walk into tech not only as a woman but as a minority woman and end up dealing with aspects of diversity and inclusion, you really start to understand who you are and you start to love it. Because being under-represented allows you to push a little bit harder, work a little bit harder, stay up on late nights, and make sure that you’re successful no matter what. And I think that road has allowed me to really love everything about technology not just because I want to show people who I am, but I want to show people that women can be strong within technology.”

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