Jobs In Tech Episode 67 | Video | Innovation and Opportunity at Distributor Data Solutions with Joel Manchak

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In this fascinating episode of the Jobs in Tech Podcast, we dive into the world of digital solutions in distribution with special guest Joel Manchak, the VP of Innovation at Distributor Data Solutions (DDS). Joel shares insight into the groundbreaking work DDS is doing to revolutionize the distribution sector through technology.

Discover how DDS leverages big data, cloud computing, and AI to deliver comprehensive product content and robust solutions that empower manufacturers, distributors, and their partners. Joel gives us a walkthrough of their latest initiatives, including real-time pricing analytics, a customizable e-commerce platform, and mobile applications that are changing the game for their clients.

As we explore the culture at DDS, Joel highlights what they look for in potential candidates. Passion for technology, a collaborative spirit, and an eagerness to push boundaries are at the core of DDS’s values. Joel explains that DDS seeks individuals who are not just technically proficient but also possess a deep understanding of the distribution industry’s challenges and opportunities.

We also discuss the support and growth opportunities available at DDS, from continuous learning to cross-departmental collaboration. Joel outlines the skills that are in high demand at DDS, such as data analytics, software development, customer success, and sales strategy.

For those inspired to be a part of the DDS team and contribute to the innovative work they are doing, we’ve included a link to the DDS careers page below. Opportunities abound for those ready to step into a future-focused company that is transforming the tech landscape in distribution.

In addition to the opportunities at DDS, we want to ensure our listeners have resources to further their tech careers. TechBridge is a non-profit that focuses on bridging the tech skills gap. They provide training, career development, and networking opportunities for those looking to start or advance in the tech industry.

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