Jobs In Tech Episode 66 | Video | From the Court to the Code: The Tech Behind Sports Recruiting with Andy Wend

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On this captivating episode of the Jobs in Tech podcast, we venture into the thrilling intersection of sports and technology. While the adrenaline of games and competitions captivates millions, there’s a lesser-known side of sports that’s equally intense and rapidly evolving due to the advancements in tech: sports recruiting. With the traditional methods of talent scouting being constantly enhanced and even upended by cutting-edge software, it’s an exciting time to be at the nexus of sports and technology. There’s nobody better to guide us through this evolving landscape than our esteemed guest, Andy Wendt, the Director of Software Engineering.

Andy dives deep into the intricacies of how software engineering is making waves in the sports recruiting arena. From algorithms that assess athlete performance metrics to platforms that streamline communication between scouts and potential recruits, the digital age is transforming the way talent is spotted and nurtured. As Andy shares stories from his own experiences leading a dynamic team of engineers, listeners will gain a deeper appreciation for the complexities and triumphs of melding the world of sports with cutting-edge tech. This episode promises to be a riveting journey, shedding light on how behind-the-scenes innovations play a pivotal role in the sports spectacles we all love. Join us as we explore the future of sports recruiting in the digital age!

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