Jobs In Tech Episode 63 | Video | CivicActions with Liz & Laura: Building Tech Solutions for Civic Engagement

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In this exciting episode of the Jobs in Tech Podcast, we sit down with Liz and Laura from CivicActions, a renowned tech company that specializes in building innovative solutions for civic engagement. We dive deep into their expertise and experience, exploring their unique perspectives on the intersection of technology and public service.

Our conversation begins with an exploration of their backgrounds and how they found their way to CivicActions. Liz and Laura share their passion for using technology to drive positive change and their journey of joining a team that shares their values.
As the discussion unfolds, we ask them a series of thought-provoking questions that shed light on their work and insights:

Throughout the episode, Liz and Laura share inspiring anecdotes, success stories, and lessons learned from their work at CivicActions. Their dedication to creating tech solutions that empower communities is evident as they articulate their vision for the future of civic engagement.

Join us for this captivating conversation as we gain invaluable insights into the world of civic tech with Liz and Laura from CivicActions. Their passion for using technology as a force for positive change will leave listeners inspired and motivated to explore careers at the intersection of technology and public service.

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