Jobs In Tech Episode 57 | Video | Ultradent

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Today’s episode of The New IT Podcast discusses Ultradent and their use of tech in the manufacturing and production industry! Ultradent is an organization that’s mission here is to improve oral health globally through science, creativity, and education. They strive to provide clinicians with progressive and trustworthy solutions while always respecting the patient and promoting their well-being.

“Once we find a candidate, at least on paper, that looks good we usually move pretty fast, and so I think that you know if they go through all the checkpoints and everything from the time that we got their resume to the time that they’re starting it’s usually you know, I would say around 4 weeks would probably be the overall time frame. A lot of times what takes longer is just, especially for certain positions, is just getting those qualified candidates in the first place, and so sometimes that can take a month or two to find the type of position.”

Brad Anderson, CEO of TechBridge, a Salt Lake City IT staffing company, and Bobby Glen James, Author, Speaker, and founder of BoTecha IT Support, along with guest speaker Ryan, the Vice President of Corporate Strategy and Information Technology, discuss how Ultradent is using tech in an innovative way to connect their consumers with improved oral health in many different ways across the Globe. Their use of tech helps optimize their process and ensure maximum efficiency. Hear what this tech expert has to say on the subject in this week’s episode of the New IT podcast, “Ultradent”

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