Jobs In Tech Episode 3 | Video | Your Days Are Numbered

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Your Days Are Numbered

Today’s episode discusses the necessity of soft skills in the IT industry. Brad and Bobby discuss the changing IT landscape, as well as the role and importance of soft skills. The time of hiding in a closet and quietly doing IT work is over. It’s become more and more necessary for IT professionals to interact with clients and explain their processes. Soft skills are necessary for effective communication between IT professionals and consumers. Hear what these tech experts have to say about soft skills in this week’s episode Brad Anderson, CEO of TechBridge, a Salt Lake City IT staffing company, and Bobby Glen James, Author, Speaker, and founder of BoTecha IT Support discuss the importance of degrees in the IT industry in the New IT podcast episode, “Why Do You Need Soft Skills In IT?”

“I think it’s more important that you do have those soft skills. You can’t just say here, here’s my work, and then just email it over. No, those days are gone. You literally have to you know and possibly walk people through what exactly it is you’ve done, and you’ve got to articulate it in a way that people can understand.”

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