Must-Have Soft Skills for Senior Developers & Leads

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Soft skills

Employers don’t just consider the technical skills of candidates. Soft-skills are also considered and in many cases are of equal importance. Here are a few must-have soft skills for senior developers and leads. 

Communication Skills

When it comes to workplace productivity, it’s crucial that the team is able to effectively communicate with each other. When hiring a new candidate, effective communication is extremely important. A senior developer or lead must be able to facilitate communication between all departments and team members. This often means speaking multiple “languages.” Each department has it’s own lingo and as a senior leader, you may be called on to translate for the entire team.

In the fast-moving business world, you can’t waste time asking people to explain themselves, or doubling back on work because of a miscommunication. When going through an interview, you may be asked about your communication skills. 


Another crucial soft skill is that of teamwork. Unfortunately, there are many talented individuals out there who know how to work well on their own, but once they become part of a team, they struggle. Teamwork is an important skill because not everything can be accomplished by one person. Knowing how to share the load and lean on your team members is necessary to help complete large projects. Also, there may be times when a project needs to be accomplished by several individuals with different unique talents. Learning to work together and communicate is a must. 

Problem Solving

Senior developers and leads need to be well equipped in problem-solving. Since they will probably be faced with problems in the workplace every day, they need to know how to analyze the problem and find a workable solution. It goes without saying that problems hinder productivity. Therefore it is of utmost importance that developers and leads are able to overcome whatever obstacles they will inevitably face.


While it’s important for an individual to be able to manage their work, it’s important for leads to be able to manage others. Their interpersonal skills will be put to the test as they’re forced to confront others and apply corrections where necessary. Conflict resolution is a big part of leadership, but so is the ability to communicate and inspire your team. Leadership is a soft skill that can make or break a company. 


As the business world is ever-changing, senior developers and leads must be able to adapt. As new needs come with the inevitable change, leads should be able to adapt and fill these needs accordingly. There is no place for someone who is “stuck in their ways” within a successful business. Adaptability is a must-have soft skill.


Dependability is a soft skill that often is not considered until someone proves they can’t be depended on. Yet, it’s imperative that you can depend on those in a senior developer or lead position. If a key player is always calling into work or dropping the ball with late assignments, it affects the company in a negative way. Senior developers and leads need to be reliable and have a reputation for accomplishing what needs to be done.

Although these are several soft skills to consider, every company’s needs are different. When determining the right fit for you and your company, you may consider working with a recruitment agency to help identify top talent. Recruiters often have a good idea of who is looking for a position, as well as what skills they possess. Reaching out to a recruitment agency is a great way to get in contact with someone who not only meets your technical needs but also possesses the necessary soft skills to make them a perfect fit within your organization. 

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