Full Stack Web Developer

Location: Lehi, Utah | Work Type: Permanent | Salary: $115K – $125K

The web developer’s primary role would be to complete work on all public-facing company websites, as well as internal systems and applications. Work on these websites would entail front-end programming skills (HTML, CSS, JavaScript), as well as server-side programming in PHP. The desired candidate is someone who has the ability to work independently on projects, meet programming deadlines, acquire new skills, adapt to changes, conform to company programming and web page style guides, and communicate well with team members.

Must Haves

  • Write clean, standards-compliant HTML and CSS to create web pages, as instructed by the marketing department and graphic designer, using ReactJS where appropriate to enhance the client
  • Write secure PHP code in an object-oriented
  • Write queries to fetch data from a MySQL database
  • Write unit tests using PHPUnit
  • Participate in daily stand-up meetings and monthly sprint meetings
  • HTML 5
  • CSS 3
  • Javascript (ReactJS framework)
  • PHP 8.0

Nice to Have

    • AWS Cloud Engineering
      • EC2 (ALB, ASG, VPC, )
      • S3
      • RDS
      • Route53
      • IAM
      • SQL database administration (schema creation, indexing strategies, FK constraints)
    • Understanding of Gang of Four Design Patterns
    • SOLID programming principles
    • Experience building e-commerce websites from the ground
    • Experience in any other programming languages (e.g. C#, C++, Go, Java, Visual Basic, Python, Ruby, Perl)

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