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What’s Happening With IT Salaries In Salt Lake City?

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Salt Lake City IT Salaries

Information technology is a broad field, but one with application for all industries. Over the last decade, Salt Lake City has become a central hub for tech companies and IT talent. Many factors have affected IT salaries in Salt Lake City. Here’s what’s happening. 

The Demand

One of the biggest factors to consider when looking at IT salaries in Salt Lake City is the demand. Utah is home to over 7000 tech companies, many of which reside in Salt Lake City. Big-name companies such as Adobe, Facebook, and Microsoft have drawn a large talent pool to the area as they have created more jobs. 

Tech companies aren’t the only reason IT talent has been drawn to the city. As the economy has grown, more businesses have moved to Salt Lake City. They too have needed IT talent as they set up shop in the area. The demand for IT talent in Salt Lake is greater than ever. 

This has made the field extremely competitive as there is so much talent, and so many positions to fill. This has given more power to job candidates, as if they don’t like one company, they can simply move to another. Therefore, companies have been forced to make internal positions more appealing by increasing proposed salaries. 

Salary Amount

So many factors have impacted the average IT salary in Salt Lake City, it is difficult to know what’s going on. Economic growth, job demand, and even COVID-19 have impacted employee income. Here’s the current situation.

Successful Software Engineers in the Salt Lake City area make on average between $80,000 and $96,000 each year. However, IT is a broad field, and that covers a wide variety of positions. 

Entry-level software engineers earn an average salary of $62,900, whereas principal software engineers can earn up to $125,000 annually

Impact Of COVID-19

The effects of COVID-19 have been seen everywhere. Its impact on job positions and the country’s economy is without question. However, not all fields have been impacted in the same way.

Due to the virus, more employees are now working from home than ever before. The tech industry has been largely responsible for helping this happen. Not only can many IT professionals work remotely, but companies have been forced to outfit their businesses to accommodate remote work.  

Online sales have skyrocketed, employees have been forced to meet remotely, and IT workers are the ones who have helped make this transition happen. The demand for IT talent is greater than ever before. 

The direction and outcome of COVID-19 are still uncertain. As it continues to affect the country, it’s difficult to predict how the economy will be impacted. IT salaries could continue to go up. Or they could fall due to economical issues. 

One thing is for sure, the need for top talent doesn’t look like it’s going anywhere.

If you’re a talented tech engineer looking for work, there are companies that can place you in a great company and get you started making a difference. Recruiting companies like Techbridge make it their mission to connect top talent with companies in need. Reach out today. 

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