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These days. If you if you work in tech and specifically as a software engineer, you’re in high demand and are often viewed as a valuable resource to any company.

Now, I don’t like it when companies to see their staff. As resources because they’re humans after all. But in this case, I use this term to highlight the important to make this as clear as possible.

Companies need you not the other way around. Let me expand a little bit more on this. In the us market alone, there is currently a shortage of upwards of one million software developers, and that gap is expected to increase to 1. 4 million by 2021 due to increased demand.

All the countless hours you put into learning new technologies all the nights you spent working on your coding skills now is when it’s paying dividends for you. Being a software engineer is one of the most in demand professions.

Being aware of this and more importantly, being able to use this will not only give you a better career opportunities with higher salaries, but ultimately result in a much higher self confidence in yourself when you’re ready to start looking for your next opportunity.

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