Is Adobe Certification Worth the Effort?

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In a fast-paced, ever-changing workforce, you might question which skills and certifications you need for success. If you have the know-how, do you really need a piece of paper to back it up? Many AEM developers already have college degrees or web development certificates, so getting Adobe Certified may not seem that important. After all, your previous work experience should prove you know your stuff.


To answer that we need to look at the Adobe Certification and what it means and then you can weigh the benefits of becoming Adobe Certified against the time and effort required.

The Benefits of Adobe Certification

Similar to how a college degree proves that you’ve passed all the required courses in your field of study, your Adobe certification demonstrates your skills with Adobe. Meaning prospective employers no longer need to take you at your word that you are competent. Your certification is proof that you at least have the entry-level abilities to plan, create, and run effective communications by utilizing multiple forms of digital media. An employer is more likely to consider a candidate who has passed an exam to prove their abilities than to consider one who has not.

Furthermore, for candidates who may not have a large amount of Adobe experience on their resume, certification is almost a necessity. Consider it the ticket to getting into the interview, where you can discuss your qualifications in more detail.

1. Adobe certification is simple and affordable.

Becoming Adobe certified can be done by passing an Adobe Associate Certification exam. Adobe offers separate certifications for each of the Experience Cloud solutions.

  • Advertising Cloud
  • Commerce Cloud
  • Analytics
  • Audience Manager
  • Adobe Campaign
  • Adobe Experience Manager
  • Target
  • Marketo Engage
  • Adobe Creative Cloud
  • Adobe Experience Platform

If you’ve had experience within the Adobe Experience Cloud, then it’s possible that you can pass the test without much preparation. Additionally, for those who want to break into what is a very lucrative field, there are several resources available to prepare you for the exam.

If you’ve worked with TechBridge, an AEM recruiting company, for at least six months, then we will pay for your certification testing.

2. An Adobe Certification lasts for two years.

Once you’ve received your certification you won’t need to worry about recertification for two years. You’ll eventually need to recertify as new software is released to show employers that you’re up to date, but this should be relatively easy as you’ve already been working with Adobe and are familiar with them as a whole.

3. Adobe certification opens the door to more job options.

Having your Adobe certification is proof that you are competent and prospective employers are likely to trust your abilities when backed up by proof of your qualifications. It will also help you get noticed by hiring managers.

For those with Adobe experience, there are many different types of positions.

  • Database Administrator
  • Computer Systems Analyst
  • Cloud Engineer
  • Chief Information Officer
  • AEM Developer/Senior Developer
  • Adobe Architect

When considering whether or not to obtain your Adobe certification, it is clear that there are many benefits to acquisition. Given the ease and affordability, as well as the many benefits that come with your certification, it is a good idea to become Adobe certified as it is more than worth the effort.

The Top Adobe Certifications 

While getting an Adobe certification is certainly worth the effort, knowing which certification to go after can be a tough decision. There are many great certifications, each with its own unique benefits. Here are some of the top Adobe certifications you should consider.

Adobe Certified Associate (ACA)

This Adobe certification is an entry-level digital design qualification and proves skill in planning, designing, building, and maintaining communications through digital media. This is a great choice for a wide range of careers such as graphic design and web development. 

Adobe Certified Expert (ACE)

The ACE certification is focused on Adobe graphic design and digital communication. There are three different levels to the ACE certification and can be obtained by passing product-specific certification exams.

Adobe Certified Expert: Adobe Analytics Business Practitioner

This option is perfect for digital marketing professionals, business analysts, consultants, data analysts, product owners, product managers, etc. The Adobe analytics business practitioner certificate proves skill in utilizing Adobe analytics as well as the ability to translate measurements and requirements into result-based solutions for your customers. 

Adobe Campaign Developer

While this certification requires at least two years of experience working with Campaign software, it is a strong asset in that it proves your ability to develop templates, technical workflows, schema development, and integrations. 

Adobe Qualified – Adobe Experience Platform

To obtain the Adobe Qualified – Adobe Experience Platform certification, you should be familiar with Microsoft Excel, Postman, and Power BI, as well as have previous industry experience. Most candidates for this certification are Data Architects, Data Analysts, Data Engineers, and Data Scientists. 

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