How to Know When to Outsource Recruitment

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Outsource recruitment

Many companies around the world outsource recruitment. This is an effective way to bring top talent into your company, and it has many benefits. However, this can be a little daunting for those who have never done it. Some employers struggle with whether or not they should partner with a recruiting agency. Here are a few ways to know when to outsource recruitment.

When you have a high turnover

Many companies struggle to retain the employees they hire. The average turnover rate is 19%. What’s more, 80% of turnover stems from poor hiring decisions. If your company struggles to find a qualified and skilled candidate to fill a necessary position, then consider outsourcing recruitment. Recruiting partners help reduce turnover by partnering you with top talent. They have an in-depth understanding of not only what your company is looking for, but also where to find qualified candidates looking for work. Turnover is naturally reduced when a company and qualified candidate are partnered in a manner that’s mutually beneficial.  

When your company experiences rapid growth

Companies often go through seasons of growth. During these times new positions are created and more talent is needed to fill the demands. However, the average corporate listing will receive 250 resumes. This requires a lot of time and energy to sift through each of these resumes looking for an appropriate fit. When you outsource recruitment, you can be confident that your recruiting partner is sorting through the resumes and will shortly bring you in contact with an excellent fit for the needs of your company. As your company grows, outsourcing recruitment can dramatically speed up the process of bringing new talent into your company to help you move forward.

When your current process is ineffective

Sometimes a company’s hiring process is simply ineffective. Whether it takes too long, or often brings in unqualified candidates, it can be discouraging to constantly have to return to square one and begin the hiring process all over again. If your company struggles with the hiring process, outsourcing recruitment is an excellent option for you. Consider allowing someone else to work on finding the right candidates for you so you can focus on moving your company towards new levels of success. Recruitment agencies pride themselves in finding the best candidate to join your team. Outsourcing recruitment can be an incredibly beneficial and wise option for you and your company.

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