How To Hire A Network Administrator

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Network Security Administrators are a valuable and vital part of business protection. Their ability to design and install network security policies across the network help ensure the safety of communication and business employees. Finding a talented administrator can be difficult though. Here’s how to hire a Network Security Administrator.

Create A Detailed Job Description

As with any position, when choosing to hire a Network Security Administrator, you must be clear with your job description. The average job opening receives around 250 resumes. If you’re not clear in the job description what skills and abilities will be needed, it can cost you financially as manpower is tied up going through resumes of unqualified candidates.

What’s more, a detailed job description is a result of you taking a hard look at what exactly you need in a Network Security Administrator. Do you need someone who can design and manage network protection procedures? Or do you simply need someone who can install and configure software and tools.

Your needs determine the job description, which in turn determines who will qualify for the position. Be thorough and you’ll be rewarded with exactly what you need.

Conduct Thorough Interviews

The job description is only half the battle. Once a list of qualified candidates have responded to your job posting, you’ll need to go about hiring the best person for the job. Basic qualifications are good, but hiring top talent goes beyond that.

When interviewing for a Network Security Administrator position, there are a few things you need to know about the interviewee. Things like skills, education, work history, and attitude should all be considered when hiring a Network Security Administrator. Just because someone has the necessary IT talent doesn’t mean they’re going to be a good fit in your company.

To ensure long-term success, try to hire someone who fits well into your team and has a passion and drive that’s in line with your company’s vision.

Contact A Recruiter

Sometimes, no matter how many resumes you look at or how many interviews you have, the right candidate just isn’t there. It’s frustrating to waste time sifting through unqualified candidates. To save on time and money, consider working with a recruiting agency.

Recruiters specialize in working with talented individuals who are looking for work. This allows businesses quick and affordable access to those who are qualified to meet their needs.

When you choose to work with a recruiting agency, you are bypassing the interview process as you know it. Simply speak with a recruiter about what you’re needs are and what you’re looking for. They can then connect you with someone who can meet your needs and is currently looking for work. This is truly and great and affordable way to hire a Network Security Administrator.

How Can Techbridge Help?

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