How to Ease the Hiring Process for Applicants

TechBridge wants to help you find the best candidate for the job. One of our recommendations for attracting top-notch applicants is for businesses to take steps toward easing the hiring process for applicants.
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How can you ease the hiring process, and where should you start?

Of course, before you decide on a candidate, you must establish a basic plan. What skillset does the open job require? Do you need a permanent employee, or are you looking for a contract hire? How quickly do you need the position filled? Once you have determined exactly what you are looking for in an applicant, it is time to decide your strategy for locating that applicant.

You can choose from several different recruiting methods for your business. Some businesses market their open positions directly. Others may sift through resumes and LinkedIn profiles. Generally speaking, the most effective way of filling a position is to enlist the help of a recruiting company. Professional recruiters take your “plan” and match it with the skills and qualifications of potential applicants.

The “interview” may look different according to each situation. For instance, if you are competing for a certain candidate that you already know is perfect for the position, you may offer the position right off the bat. If you would like to get to know more about a candidate but aren’t 100% sold, an interview is a great way for both business and applicant to become acquainted. Remember, an interview often benefits the candidate as much as it benefits the business.

After the interview has been given and the job has been offered, it is time to officially hire the applicant.

6 Tips for Easing the Hiring Process

If you want to attract top talent in a competitive market, make sure your strategy is as straightforward as possible. The clearer and easier your hiring process is, the better your chance of filling empty positions.

1. Create clear job descriptions.

Weeding out unqualified candidates is time-consuming and frustrating. Try to make it easier for both parties by providing a clear description of the job. If the job is a temporary one, say so. If it absolutely requires a certain skill set, let the candidate know so that no time is wasted if they do not possess those skills. When working with a recruiter, this tip is particularly important since a recruiter uses information provided by you to locate a qualified candidate.
On the other hand, if certain parts of the job allow some flexibility (such as work hours), be clear about that, too.

2. Work on building your brand.

Candidates can usually tell when a company values its purpose and employees. Build a strong, reputable brand to assure applicants that you are reliable. Make an effort to connect with both clients and employees, interact with reviews, improve your marketing, and update company information. Focusing on those details can make a world of difference when it comes to building a quality team.

3. Use media to your advantage.

It’s safe to say that the majority of applicants will research your company before accepting an interview or a position. Make sure you put your best foot forward, not in a dishonest way, but in a smart way. Market your business to potential employees as well as to clients.

4. Pay special attention to the interview.

Remember, the interview process is just as important for the applicant as it is for you. Focus on sharing your company’s vision with the applicant, rather than trying to intimidate them with the largeness of the job. You want your employees to feel comfortable with you, and a kind and informative interview can provide the perfect opportunity to make a great first impression.

5. Utilize the help of a recruiter.

The very nature of a recruiting company’s job is to make the hiring process easier for all parties. Particularly if you are too busy to sift through applications and resumes, a recruiter can weigh the needs of your business against the qualifications of a candidate and match them up for an interview.

6. Be honest and upfront with applicants.

Above all, just be an honest and reliable company. If you don’t feel that a candidate is right for the job, let them know. If you would love to have them on board with you, let them know. Nothing makes the hiring process easier than clear, honest communication.

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