How To Create A Staffing Plan For Salesforce

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Staffing Plan

When businesses experience sudden growth, it can be overwhelming to business managers. Knowing how to lead a company through seasons of growth is essential to the life of that company. However, many managers struggle with which decisions will best help their business. This is often the result of poor planning. In order to effectively maintain growth, you need to create a viable staffing plan. While this takes time, it will allow your Salesforce department to thrive. This, in turn, will help your company to reach new levels of success. Here’s how to create a staffing plan for Salesforce.

Identify Your Business Plan

Direction is crucial. Without a plan, you cannot consistently move forward. As your business grows, you’ll experience higher demand for your services and products. The higher demand will require more manpower. Without adequate manpower, your business becomes roadblocked. You need to know exactly where you’re going and what you need to get there. Where do you see your business in 5 years? What about 10? When are you going to implement new services? How many people will be required to meet your goals over the next quarter? Answering these questions is the key to developing a solid staffing plan. Once you’ve established your business plan, you should have a good idea of which assets you’ll need. How does Salesforce play a role in your company’s growth? Do you have enough Salesforce employees? Are they adequately equipped to accommodate growth? To answer these questions you’ll need to identify your current assets.

Identify Your Current Assets

After developing a business plan, take stock of your current personnel assets. Who do you have in Salesforce who can meet upcoming needs and help your business stay on track? Write a list of your Salesforce employees. Then list out their:

  • Strengths
  • Weaknesses
  • Technical Skills
  • Areas In Need Of Improvement

Once you have a clear understanding of your assets, it will make it clear what’s missing. Your Salesforce employees should have experience developing and delivering solutions to real customer problems, preferably with an emphasis on sales, support, finance, marketing, and engineering. However, you may have gaps in some of these areas. A good way to identify gaps is to conduct a gap analysis.

Conduct A Gap Analysis

A gap analysis takes inventory of not only current personnel but also current skills. This analysis identifies what you have at your disposal to help your company meet goals and move forward. A gap analysis will inform you if you have a surplus of certain skills, or if you are missing any needed talent. Some needs can be met by upskilling current employees. Other skills can be met by hiring top talent. Maybe your current team has a lot of development experience, but no knowledge of SOQL. A gap analysis lets you know what you need to develop a more balanced Salesforce team. 

Fill The Gaps

Once you know your business plan, assets, and needs, fill in the gaps. If you can’t meet needs by upskilling your current employees, hiring qualified candidates, consider outsourcing recruitment. It’s a great way to ensure you’re getting exactly who you need to fill your gap. Recruiting partners are able to identify needs within your company, as well as provide candidates who are qualified to meet those needs. Rather than spending man-hours holding interview after interview, you can have an expert present a viable candidate. This can save you time and money as well as quickly fill a position to keep your company on track with its goals. 

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