How Much Should I Pay A Software Engineer In Salt Lake City?

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How Much Should I Pay A Software Engineer In Salt Lake City?

Software Engineers can develop software and programs for company use. They are a valuable asset and are currently highly sought after.

Due to the high demand for Software Engineers, the hiring process can be difficult for companies as engineers have plenty of options. Knowing how much to pay top talent is key to bring them on board your company.

Here’s how much you should pay a Software Engineer in Salt Lake City.

Average Annual Salary

Successful Software Engineers in the Salt Lake City area make on average between $80,000 and $96,000 each year. However, many factors can affect this range.

Many wage studies focus on a broad range of specialists. So while $80,000-$96,000 may be the “average”, you’ll pay an individual differently based on what they can do. Here’s a breakdown of several specialists.

Infrastructure Software Engineer$115,530$5000
Senior Software Engineer$123,069$5000
Entry Level Software Engineer$62,992 None
Principal Software Engineer$125,221 $10,000
Software Test Engineer$78,650 $5000

As you can see, the average salary can range greatly. However, you can be sure you’re giving a competitive offer by reviewing what other companies are currently offering.

Additional Compensation

Another factor you need to consider is additional compensation. You’ll need to budget for more than just a base salary when hiring a Software Engineer.

Again, this amount is likely to change depending on which specialist you are considering, but a general average is around $7,100. This includes:

  • Cash Bonuses
  • Tips
  • Commission
  • Profit-Sharing

Consider each of these factors and plan accordingly. Although you may need to do a little research on the specific Software Engineer you plan on hiring, it is well worth it in the end as you may quickly obtain a valuable asset on your team.

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