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When it comes to IT developers, there’s no doubt that they’re important for any successful business. Top talent in the tech field is always in high demand. This is because their skills are crucial and technology continues to evolve. As new software and tech skills are always being released, it is the responsibility of any developer to stay up to date and keep their tech skills current. While this can be difficult if you don’t know where to start, here is how you can keep advancing in your chosen field and keep your tech skills current.

Schedule Time to Learn

It is foolish to think that a multi-year program can teach you everything you need to know to be successful in business. After all, as technology continuously evolves, it stands to reason you need to learn with it. As new tech and software are released, you need to study them. You can keep your tech skills current by making study a scheduled priority in your life. 

BBC estimates that in the next 20 years, 40% of white-collar work will be automated. The digital transformation of companies requires you to stay up to date on both new technology and application. Taking time to learn new skills and information will increase your abilities and make you far more valuable to a company. 

Attend a Conference or Trade Show

Another great way to keep your tech skills current is to attend a conference or trade show. This will open your eyes to your potential blind spots. For instance, if you are proficient with JavaScript, then by attending a class or workshop on how SQL or AWS are being used by companies, you can tie the two together and build a stronger knowledge base. Conferences and trade shows are a great way to find out about new technology and which areas you potentially need to focus on. 


Networking is a key way to develop your tech skills. Try to join a group of other professionals in your field. This will give you a valuable resource of information. This network can tell you what’s worked for them, what areas needed attention, and what mistakes they had to learn from. Networking is incredibly beneficial. Reach out to colleagues to see if they know of some contacts. Or look online for a group that you can join. But finding others who are where you are, or better yet, a little ahead is a great way to help yourself stay current with your tech skills.

Follow Leaders in Your Field

Similar to networking, follow leaders in your chosen field. The difference here is you aren’t necessarily building a relationship with those leaders. Those who lead in their field often do so due to their great talent and high demand. Because of this demand, they often produce resources that can be valuable to you. Think about who you aspire to be like in your field of work. Then identify if they have any books or podcasts that you can tap into as a resource. Taking time to learn from the best is a great way to build your tech skills.


Reading is extremely helpful for several reasons. Not only does reading improve the cognitive function of your brain, but it also causes you to learn new information. Pick up a book on tech skills, or JavaScript, or networking. It doesn’t matter, but you should always have a book you’re working through. Some individuals say that you should read X amount of books a month. But the point isn’t how quickly you read, but that you are always learning. Books are a plenteous resource that you can use to learn new skills, strategies, and stay up to date on what others have done. Reading is an effective way to improve not only your mind but your abilities. 


After you take all of this information in, have fun with it. Take time to experiment with new programming tools, software, and tech skills. Have fun setting up programs for yourself and identify the problem areas. Figure out where you can create shortcuts and implement your research into your work.

Consider how master musicians practice when not performing. World-class athletes practice when not competing. It stands to reason that for you to reach that level of success you’ll need to hone your tech skills outside work so that you can give your best at work. No one wants to give up their personal time, and your practice doesn’t have to take over your life. So just set up a fun hobby project to keep your mind engaged with what’s current. This will help you hone your tech skills and keep them current. 

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