How Has Covid-19 Affected IT Salaries in Salt Lake City?

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COVID-19 has affected everyone in many ways, and salary is no exception. As businesses have been forced to close, employees have been forced to look for work or file for unemployment. The pandemic has impacted employees of every type. IT workers have been affected as well, especially in areas like Salt Lake City.

Where It Started

IT workers started 2020 off strong. The previous year had been one of steady economic growth. Although 2016-2017 had been a time of decline, the last few years had brought change. This meant job security and an increase in company revenue.

However, when the pandemic caused businesses to close and for employees to work remotely, it disrupted this growth. Some businesses were suddenly facing bankruptcy, yet others thrived. The reason for this is simple. Businesses that could provide essential services during this time of unrest suddenly saw a spike in demand. Let’s look at how this demand has affected IT workers (and their salaries) in Salt Lake City.

The Current Situation

The current citation has changed the role of IT workers in two primary ways. The first is B2B (business to business), the second is how the IT companies serve the customer.

IT workers were impacted differently as much of their work can be done remotely. While some businesses struggled to keep their doors open, IT workers were accomplishing their job remotely. As it stands, Salt Lake City and the areas surrounding are home to the HQ’s of many big-name tech companies. Adobe, Overstock, eBay, and Domo are just of few of the companies you may have heard of.

Other businesses have been forced to work remotely. To set up the necessary software to communicate online they need IT’s help. This creates greater demand for those in that field of work.

IT workers have also experienced an influx of work orders from everyday consumers. As travel is limited and families attempt to stay in touch, they’re hiring tech workers to install programs and software to help make this happen.

They’re also doing more online shopping than ever. This holiday shopping season has already seen around a 25% increase in online shopping than last year. This has helped Utah companies such as eBay thrive.

This excessive demand for IT talent has brought financial prosperity for some, yet decline overall. In 2019 the average IT salary in Utah ranged from $87,000 to just over $106,000. As it stands now, the average is just around $48,000. Although this drop seems drastic, it’s important to remember that many businesses that employ IT workers are still struggling. Big-name companies may have been able to handle the current situation better than others, but not all. There is a demand for some IT jobs, but others are not as needed.

What To Expect

As the country continues to adapt to the situation, there will be more companies moving online with Zoom meetings, setting up home offices, etc. This work will be handled mostly by IT workers, creating a constant need for their skillset. Unfortunately, big company projects will likely be put on hold for a while.

It’s impossible to know exactly how COVID-19 will continue to affect IT salaries in Salt Lake City. However, as long as there is a need for their skill set, there will be men and women ready to help in any way they can.

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