Fake Candidates in the Tech Hiring Landscape is getting worse

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The tech industry is one of the most competitive and fast-paced industries out there. With the ever-changing landscape, it can be difficult to keep up with the latest trends and technologies. Unfortunately, this has also led to an increase in fake candidates applying for jobs. Fake candidates are those who misrepresent themselves or their skillset in order to get a job they are not qualified for. It’s important for recruiters and hiring managers to know how to spot these fake candidates so they don’t end up wasting time and resources on someone who won’t be able to do the job.

Cross-Confirm Details

One of the first things you should do when vetting a candidate is cross-confirm their details. This means verifying that all of the information they have provided is accurate and true. Ask them questions about their experience, education, and any other relevant information they have provided on their resume or application. If something doesn’t add up or if they seem hesitant or evasive when answering your questions, it could be a sign that they are not being truthful about their qualifications or experience level.

Meet In Person, If Possible

If possible, try to meet with potential candidates in person before making a final decision. Meeting face-to-face can give you a better sense of who they are as a person and whether or not they would be a good fit for your team. During the meeting, pay close attention to their body language and mannerisms; these can often reveal more than words alone. Additionally, ask them questions that require more than just yes/no answers so you can get an idea of how well they think on their feet and how articulate they are when speaking about technical topics.

Confirm Geographic Details

Another way to spot fake candidates is by confirming geographic details such as where they currently live or where they went to school. If a candidate claims to live in one city but has listed another city as their current residence on their resume, this could be an indication that something isn’t quite right. Similarly, if a candidate claims to have attended a certain university but there’s no record of them attending said university, this could also be cause for concern.

Beware Of Overly Positive Reviews

When looking at reviews from previous employers or colleagues of potential candidates, beware of overly positive reviews that sound too good to be true. While it’s great if someone has glowing reviews from past employers or colleagues, it’s important to take these reviews with a grain of salt since some people may exaggerate the truth in order to make themselves look better than they actually are. Pay attention to any inconsistencies between what’s being said by different reviewers; if something doesn’t add up then it could mean that the candidate isn’t being completely honest about their qualifications or experience level.

Look For An Address

Finally, look for an address associated with the candidate’s contact information; this can help verify whether or not someone is who they say they are since many fake candidates will only provide an email address or phone number without providing any physical address information which can make it difficult (or impossible) for recruiters and hiring managers to track down additional information about them such as past employment history or educational background checks etc..


Fake candidates can waste valuable time and resources if not caught early on during the recruitment process so it’s important for recruiters and hiring managers alike to know how to spot them before making any final decisions about who should be hired for open positions within their organization. By cross-confirming details, meeting potential candidates in person (if possible), confirming geographic details, looking out for overly positive reviews from past employers/colleagues, and looking for an address associated with contact information – recruiters will have greater success at spotting fake candidates before bringing them onboard!

How can TechBridge Help?

Are you looking for a reliable staffing partner to help you avoid fake candidates? TechBridge is here to help. Our team of experienced recruiters can assist in finding the right candidate for your organization. With our staff augmentation and direct hire options, we will take the hassle out of recruiting and ensure that you get the best fit for your company.

We understand that it can be difficult to spot a fake candidate during an interview. That’s why we have developed a rigorous screening process to ensure that only qualified candidates are presented to our clients. We use a combination of technical assessments, case-based questions, and resume tips to identify the best possible candidate for any given role. Additionally, we assign new projects to candidates based on their skillset information in order to test their abilities and knowledge.

At TechBridge, we also take recruitment fraud seriously. We have implemented measures such as using authorized logos belonging to the company, as well as employee names and titles, in order to protect against fraudulent activity. Furthermore, our team provides tips on how to ace IT interviews so that employers can make sure they are getting the most out of their interview process.

With TechBridge’s comprehensive services, you can rest assured knowing that you are getting quality candidates who are ready and willing to join your team immediately. Contact us Today!

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