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Every company desires to bring in top candidates, but when you are competing for senior developers the candidate often calls the shots. The shortage of AEM and Salesforce developers with the depth of experience needed for most projects, sometimes makes it difficult to hire for open positions. Most senior developers make upwards of 100K and so, while salary is important, it’s often the perks associated with a job that draws the top talent. One survey shows that only about 12% of employees leave a company due to salary. Understanding what candidates look for in a  company can help you recruit and retain individuals of the highest caliber.

Candidates want a great boss.

An individual’s boss is often the leading factor in whether or not an employee will stay in his current position. It’s so important that 65% of workers say they’d rather have a new boss than a pay increase. Research shows that 57% of people have left a job because of their boss.  You can attract top talent by focusing on developing leadership skills and building relationships with those you employ.

What do candidates consider to be the qualifications of a “good boss”?

  • Is understanding
  • Communicates clearly with their team
  • Builds relationships with others in the workplace
  • Believes in their employees
  • Is trustworthy
  • Has integrity
  • Listens
  • Shows respect towards others
  • Appreciates their employees and gives recognition

Management’s ongoing development in these areas is guaranteed to attract top candidates for any position you may be trying to fill within your company.

Candidates look at company culture.

Aside from a good boss, top candidates are looking for a great Work Culture. It’s not enough to simply have a job, top candidates want to enjoy where they work.  Research shows that 58% of employees have left a position due to work culture. Candidates understand that where they work will affect how they work. Healthy work culture lends itself to greater productivity, but companies who give little to no attention to work culture will struggle to retain employees. Simply put, poor work culture means higher turnover. Top candidates are looking for a place where they can give their best and receive the recognition and validation they deserve.

Candidates want an opportunity to advance their careers.

Senior developers understand that they are desired because they have experience working with certain platforms. However, the type of driven, ambitious, and engaged individuals that many companies seek to hire typically don’t work on a single project for the entirety of their career. Companies that offer opportunities to advance or grow will have an edge on those who don’t when it comes to attracting top talent. Be upfront with potential candidates about career advancement opportunities they will have through your company. Any driven candidate will appreciate knowing not only what they can do for your company, but also what your company can do for them.

How Can TechBridge Help?

Our goal is to bridge the gap between business and employee, matching qualified workers with the companies who need them. We are a full-service staffing and recruiting company that specializes in IT developers with experience in Adobe, Salesforce, Sitecore, and Magento. Whether you are looking for direct-hires, temp-to-hire,  or managed partner solutions, we have the top talent you need.

Contact us today and let us bridge the connection between you and the right people for your project.

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