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Determining whether a candidate is a good fit for your company can be daunting. A new team member will inevitably impact other individuals and the culture of the team as a whole–for better or for worse. Here are some of the best interview questions to ask to help the right candidates stand out. 

What is something that’s not on your resume or LinkedIn profile?

This open-ended question allows the candidate to take the conversation wherever his mind goes first. It could lead him to reveal more of who he is–his strengths, motivations, and passions. It’s an easy question that can help build trust from the get-go, as it allows the candidate to freely express himself as he is outside of a corporate setting. 

How have you handled your team members rejecting your suggestion or idea in the past?

When preparing interview questions to ask candidates, it is essential to choose questions that reveal if the candidate values teamwork and collaboration. Is he willing to persevere through potential negative feelings of rejection, or does he tend to pull away and act as a lone wolf? Cooperation and the preservation of employee relationships are vital for the team to perform well. If the applicant cannot recall a time when he made suggestions or sought improvement, he may not have the confidence or drive necessary to be a key impact player on your team. 

What work environment is most conducive to your best performance and productivity?

No amount of experience and skill in an applicant is worth disunity and an unhealthy atmosphere of a candidate that doesn’t fit your team’s culture. If his performance inhibits another team member’s ability to focus or causes relational issues, the team will be less productive and therefore accomplish less. On the other hand, a team of individuals with similar values and a common vision and mission collaborates most effectively and consequently accomplishes more. 

Was there ever a time when everything did not go according to plan? How did you react, and what was the outcome?

Another one of the best interview questions to ask candidates provides insights into the job seeker’s leadership capabilities, adaptability, and willingness to admit and learn from mistakes. Leadership is not exclusively about managing others, so it’s important to evaluate the quality of example this newcomer could be for the rest of the organization. Can he admit his mistakes and assume the responsibility of correcting them? Can he adapt quickly to reach a successful conclusion? Mistakes are bound to happen in any work environment! A candidate who is willing to learn will admit when an error is made and will take the initiative to explain his response and solution.

What is the most recent thing you’ve learned professionally?

Aside from discovering what an applicant has learned, it is also helpful to understand his motivation for studying in the first place. Does he make an effort to learn new things to be more productive and/or to keep current on improvements in his sector or role, or does he seek out learning only when it’s required? Does he regularly look for opportunities to learn and grow? Is he intellectually inquisitive and adaptable?

When have you worked the hardest? What was the situation, and why were you motivated to work hard? 

It is essential to differentiate between skilled candidates and candidates with a strong work ethic to drive and maximize their skills. This question will provide further insight into your applicant’s motivation, which is important to know when evaluating whether or not he will be a good fit for the team’s culture. 

How should your current company change to be more successful?

This question can give you a sense of whether or not the job seeker can see the big picture in his current role. Is he solely interested in what directly affects him, or does he understand how his role benefits the whole team or company? This question may also provide insights as to why he desires to leave his current job.

Has there ever been a time when personal things kept you from working? 

Family emergencies, illness, unexpected loss, or internet connection issues can sometimes force us to put our jobs on hold. While these issues are inevitable, you will want to avoid hiring a candidate that would walk away or assume that someone else will handle his responsibilities. A dependable candidate will likely share how he communicated with a supervisor or other pertinent individuals, set up a plan to meet requirements some other way, and express deep appreciation for his coworkers’ and supervisor’s support during his difficult time.

Why do you want to work at our company?

Even though information is readily available online, you may be surprised at how many candidates don’t do any research on the company for which they apply. You may even find that the candidate isn’t entirely sure of the position for which they’re interviewing or what type of business the company engages in. Is the applicant interested in working at your company, or is he just looking for a job? One who is well-prepared will have particular reasons for wanting to work for you.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

A candidate with no vision for the future or career aspirations is likely not driven to succeed. Look for someone invested in their career and who has defined goals, and communicate how your company can assist them in achieving those goals. Finding a prospect interested in advancing their career who sees potential with your firm increases the likelihood that they will be satisfied long term

What questions do you have for me?

This is typically the last of the interview questions to ask candidates. If the candidate is genuinely interested in the position, they will likely have a few pertinent questions for the recruiting manager. Keep in mind that the applicant might have already asked their questions if the conversation was lengthy and in-depth. In this scenario, it is acceptable if a candidate doesn’t have a list of questions prepared at the end of the interview.

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