An Overview of the New Adobe AI Services

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Since we work with companies using Adobe Experience Cloud and developers who specialize in Adobe, we like to keep abreast of new Adobe products. Not too long ago, Adobe unveiled a set of five new AI services. These intelligence services are run on the Experience Cloud powered by Sensei and have potential benefits for your business.

How Adobe AI Services Benefit Companies

Adobe AI services help support businesses through the implementation of AI. They streamline customer experience by analyzing data patterns and predictive behavior. Implementing Adobe AI Services can make it easier to engage with customers at the right time and with the right message.

1. Analyze Customer Actions

More often than naught, companies do not have the resources to analyze their data and identify the reasons behind customer actions. Adobe’s Customer AI helps overcome this barrier by assisting in the analysis of both historical and real-time data. This creates propensity scores for key events like churn or conversion. Adobe stated that subscription services, for example, could receive a segment of users likely to unsubscribe due to price sensitivity and engage with a custom promotion. In short, Customer AI analyzes the patterns and behaviors of customer actions and responds accordingly.

2. Measure Campaign Effectiveness

Attribution AI, on the other hand, is an Adobe AI service designed to give marketers a means to measure campaign effectiveness. Marketers have to utilize time and resources to manage customer touchpoints such as email, social media, and webpages. Attribution AI helps to take each of these points and optimize them for maximum effectiveness.

3. Get the Timing Right

This service helps different brands predict the best time to market to their customers.  With online visual noise everywhere, customers become fatigued, and so it becomes crucial to identify when to promote and when to wait. Journey AI helps navigate these decisions by providing services such as a fatigue score which allows brands to identify the best times to market towards their customer base. An example should be telling a retailer when to launch their marketing campaign in preparation for the holiday season.

4. Pinpoints Customer Preferences

This AI service provides help in two separate areas. On the content side, it provides guidance on performance affecting variables such as colors or subjects. Content AI also tags assists for better searchability in production stages. On the e-commerce side, AI will analyze real-time customer signals and preferences. After processing this data this service then automates recommendations for optimizing sales based on what the Adobe AI service believes will interest the customers.

5. Measure Engagement

This AI service is geared towards B2B marketers and serves to provide which leads are most likely to become opportunities. By utilizing real-time data and behavioral signals to determine the engagement level of different customers, a targeted marketing campaign can deliver the proper messaging to move the customer further along the sales funnel.

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