Adobe Summit 2022 – Here’s What You Missed!

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The Adobe Summit is a worldwide virtual event that gathers keynote speakers with over 200 sessions and training workshops. It creates an environment of learning, and networking, and offers key insight into future trends and technologies. The Adobe Summit 2022 was an awesome collection of speakers and topics. If you weren’t able to attend, don’t worry. Here’s what you missed!

Preparing for the Metaverse

One of the most powerful messages delivered at Adobe Summit 2022 was given by Shantanu Narayen, Adobe Systems CEO. Shantanu spoke of the Metaverse and how it will blur the digital and physical world. Adobe has set its sights on the future and plans to be the primary vendor helping to make that happen.

This message offered insight on how you can begin preparing for this Metaverse future. Specifically, working on thinking up 3D experiences and assets. If you can proactively create 3D versions of your product line, you’ll be ahead of the game when it becomes the norm.

The Metaverse will likely be adopted first by gaming, education, and remote businesses.

The Importance of Personalization

Another hot topic during the Adobe Summit 2022 was the idea of scaling personalization. However, rather than just focusing on the importance of personalization, the goal was to make a case that personalization at a scale would be far more effective.

For example, displaying content that is relative to the user’s individual buyer’s journey by analyzing that journey in real-time and then displaying the right messages to help produce action.

Utilizing Artificial Intelligence

The most popular sneak peeks this year were related to the use of AI. Specifically, the Demand Detector will let merchants show relevant products, and the size Project will put invisible code on your website which can then be scanned by your mobile device to display a life-size image of a product. Wondering how big that pen is your thinking of purchasing? Wonder no more.

Customer Data Platforms

Adobe is working on standardizing machine learning modules, especially as related to Customer Data Platforms, and CDPs. As Adobe has grown over the years, they have steadily moved towards a goal of creating and delivering real-time CDPs.

This reality would essentially mean a giant leap in the capabilities of CDP applications. They would become more intelligent, offering more benefits and therefore reducing the size of a team you would need to monitor data and metrics such as how many customers are going to visit your site and make a purchase.

There is also less latency, with this improvement, meaning you won’t have to wait for users to visit several site pages before being able to implement personalization rules. Meaning this advancement works perfectly with the previously mentioned changes to personalization.

Content Velocity

Adobe is working furiously to simplify the process of breaking down siloes for collaboration and publishing content.

Adobe recently acquired Workfront, which is a work management, issue tracking, document managing, and time tracking tool.

Other changes and developments include:

  • Adobe Sign, which will allow you to request and track signatures
  • Adobe Forms, which offers both AEM Form and AEM’s out-of-the-box solution.
  • Wizards is a guidance tool for AEM Forms that offers insights and suggestions such as relevant templates.
  • Content Fragments is a new dashboard that will allow users to track and manage content on a larger scale than what was previously available
  • Adobe Learning Manager was equipped with several new features that allow it to better integrate with other Adobe products.
  • End-tp-end tracking si another development that allows content writers and web developers to utilize an asset link integration tool that lets them access and update an asset.

Adobe is consistently out in front, leading the IT industry to new heights and showcasing innovative products and ideas. Whether you’re an AEM developer looking for a job to showcase your skills and capabilities, or a business owner looking for a talented individual who can help implement Adobe’s newest features, consider reaching out to an IT staffing and recruiting agency.

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