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Welcome To TechBridge

Who Are We

Techbridge is Salt Lake City’s premier IT staffing and recruiting agency specializing in Adobe Experience Cloud, Salesforce, Sitecore, and Magento applications.

Our Mission

We build lasting relationships with both candidates and businesses so that we can connect senior developers, leads, and architects  with the businesses that need their services.

What We Do

Our recruiters seek out developers from around the world to ensure that we have top talent to fill positions in a niche industry.

Techbridge History

Brad Anderson, the founder and CEO of Techbridge Inc. has worked within the Adobe Marketing Cloud since 2013. He started TechBridge to ease the tech recruitment process and connect the best AEM specialists with the companies that need them. Brad soon realized that many companies were seeking temp-to-hire services and managed partner solutions. In response, TechBridge began offering those services in addition to direct-hire placement. Today, TechBridge has relationships with hundreds of developers and businesses, and works to bring them together for both short and long-term projects.

Our Values


At Techbridge, we strive to build trust by being completely transparent. Our goal is to build lasting relationships with our clients and candidates and build value even if no placement occurs.


We believe people are the most valuable asset to any organization. We seek out and speak to developers around the world to ensure that we find the very best candidates to fill positions in a niche industry.


As Sir Francis Bacon so eloquently put it, “knowledge is power.” We continually educate ourselves so we know the answers to clients’ and candidates’ questions, and where to find them if we don’t.


The tech world changes so rapidly that oftentimes filling a position means getting creative. Remote employees, contractors, H1B visa holders, short-term or full-time — we help hiring managers work how it works best for them.

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Why Choose Techbridge?

We seek out developers from all over the world to make sure our talent pool is filled with the most talented candidates on the planet. And we continually maintain relationships with them, so we always know who’s available and what skill sets they possess. That means we can help you staff your position or project right away — not in weeks or months from now

One developer is not the same as the next. Some specialize in frontend coding, some specialize in backend. Some know how to customize source code, some are better at creating workflows. And the list goes on. Our recruiting specialists understand these distinctions, as well as the ins-and-outs of the platforms we hire for. So they know what skill sets to seek out, and how to match them up with your projects. 

The majority of AEM developers in the United States—85%, in fact—are H1B visa holders.** Their chosen field puts them in high demand, but their status can put them in a tight corner. Due to the sensitivity of the H1B process, some are wary of leaving one company for another without a sponsorship guarantee. If that’s true of a candidate you’re pursuing, an AEM recruiting specialist can facilitate those conversations, and even tap resources like immigration lawyers to help everyone understand the visa program and its restrictions

Our recruiters work diligently to help our recruits further develop their careers and to reduce the stress on businesses when it comes to finding talent in this highly competitive field.

5 Facts to Know about Hiring an H1B Visa Holder

H1B candidates make up 85% of the developer talent pool. Dismissing them out of hand could mean putting your project in jeopardy.

5 Facts to Know about Hiring an H1B Visa Holder

H1B candidates make up 85% of the developer talent pool. Dismissing them out of hand could mean putting your project in jeopardy.