A Comprehensive Guide to Sitecore 10.3

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Sitecore, the leading digital experience platform, has released its latest version in December ’22, Sitecore 10.3. This new release comes with several new features and improvements that aim to enhance the user experience and provide more flexibility for developers. In this blog post, we will explore 5 new features of Sitecore 10.3 and how they can benefit your business.

GraphQL Authoring and Management API

One of the most significant additions to Sitecore 10.3 is the GraphQL Authoring and Management API. GraphQL is a query language for APIs that allows developers to request only the data they need from an API endpoint, making it more efficient than traditional REST APIs.

With the GraphQL Authoring and Management API in Sitecore 10.3, developers can now use GraphQL to retrieve content from Sitecore without having to write complex queries or custom code. This feature also makes it easier for developers to create custom applications that integrate with Sitecore.

The benefits of using GraphQL in Sitecore 10.3 include faster development times, improved performance, and increased flexibility for developers.


Webhooks are another new feature in Sitecore 10.3 that allow developers to subscribe to events that occur within Sitecore, such as when an item is created or updated. When an event occurs, a notification is sent to a specified URL, allowing external systems to react accordingly.

This feature provides greater flexibility for integrating with third-party systems and automating workflows within your organization. For example, you could use webhooks to trigger a marketing automation campaign when a user submits a form on your website.

Embeddable Forms Framework

Sitecore Forms have been around since version 9 but have received significant updates in version 10.3 with the introduction of the Embeddable Forms Framework (EFF). EFF allows you to embed forms into any page or application easily.

This feature provides greater flexibility for marketers who want to create personalized experiences for their customers by embedding forms into landing pages or other touch points throughout the customer journey.

xConnect Improvements

xConnect is Sitecore’s API layer that allows you to collect data from various sources and store it in xDB (Experience Database). In version 10.3, xConnect has received several improvements that make it easier for developers to work with.

One of these improvements is support for encrypted connections between xConnect servers and clients using TLS (Transport Layer Security). This enhancement ensures that data transmitted between servers is secure and protected from unauthorized access.

Another improvement is support for custom facets in xDB which allows you to store additional data about contacts beyond what is provided out-of-the-box by Sitecore.

Database Encryption

Database encryption is another new feature in Sitecore 10.3 that enhances security by encrypting sensitive data at rest within databases used by Sitecore applications.

This feature provides an additional layer of protection against unauthorized access or theft of sensitive information such as customer data or financial information stored within your databases.

In Summary

Sitecore 10.3 comes packed with several new features aimed at enhancing user experience while providing more flexibility for developers working on the platform. The addition of GraphQL Authoring and Management API, Webhooks, Embeddable Forms Frameworks, xConnect Improvements along with Database Encryption makes this release one of the most significant updates yet!

Whether you’re a marketer looking for ways to personalize customer experiences or a developer looking for ways to streamline development workflows, there’s something here for everyone! So why not upgrade today?

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