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Career pathing is the method by which employees chart out their path regarding career development within a specific business or organization. When this is done correctly, it provides a clear understanding of exactly which opportunities an employee will have to advance, as well as the unique qualifications and skills necessary for that advancement to take place. Sitecore Developers have many possibilities open to them, so it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose where they want to end up, or even how to get there. Career pathing allows you to decide not only where you want to go, but how you can begin preparing yourself to obtain that goal. Here are a few steps to help develop a career path for the Sitecore Developer.

What does a Sitecore Developer do?

As a senior engineer, Sitecore Engineers work throughout the full-stack to build complex and interactive components that power the user experience. They can also set up tables, queries, and other database elements to support company development. Their skillset includes the ability to:

  • Architect and implement new features on Sitecore
  • Debug through the whole technology stack from C# to JavaScript to IIS to SQL.
  • Analyze the performance of applications and investigate and troubleshoot problems.
  • Work with the IT Operations team to provide DEV/OPS support of websites and custom applications in both cloud and on-premise.
  • Train and mentor junior team members

As a Sitecore Developer, it is important to have a clear understanding of your abilities, but also the direction in which you are headed. Setting goals for yourself will help you move forward in your career and achieve new levels of success. So, how can you move forward as a Sitecore Developer?

1. Have a clear vision.

Knowing who you are and what you want is important. Many people work positions they don’t love, but few step out to achieve their desired role. Take time to honestly reflect on what it is you plan to accomplish as a Sitecore Developer. Whether you’ve been working in Sitecore for 1 year or 50, reflect on where you want to eventually end up. When you take time to set goals for yourself you give yourself direction. Do you want to be a Senior Developer? Do you want to specialize in IT Operations? Regardless of your preferred role, decide on what you want, and begin to make it happen.

2. Set milestones.

After deciding on your vision, set clear milestones that will help keep you on the right path. Setting realistic goals for yourself will keep you moving in the right direction. If your end goal is to be a Senior Developer, you might set a goal for yourself that one year from now, you will have begun to work with a Senior Developer to learn the ins and outs of the job. Setting small goals that can easily be achieved that will help you move towards your larger vision is always a great way to help you achieve what you seek to accomplish.

The typical career path for an Sitecore developer is as follows:

Developer → Senior Developer → Lead → Architect

Take time to familiarize yourself with the possibilities and seek advice from other developers or an Sitecore Recruiter. Set a goal and begin the process of moving towards it.

3. Make decisions based on future results

Another way to help your career path is to make decisions based on future results rather than immediate results. For instance, suppose two companies offered you a position. One company offered substantially more in the way of salary, whereas the second company has greater opportunities for advancement. Candidates thinking only in the present will always choose the higher salary, but those who are thinking based on the future possibilities will give more consideration to the position with opportunities for advancement. They will sometimes sacrifice the extra salary now for the sake of achieving their goals later. Whenever you make a decision, give careful thought to how it might affect your future career and always make decisions that will ultimately bring you closer to your desired results.

4. Work with a recruiter.

Working with a recruiter will give you the opportunity to work in companies and positions that otherwise may be difficult for you to obtain. Recruitment agencies pride themselves in knowing what companies are hiring and exactly what they’re looking for in a Sitecore Developer. Working through a recruiter can open the door to greater opportunities for advancement and therefore bring you one step closer to realizing your vision. While mapping out a career path is important, you must also take realistic steps down the path.

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