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Career pathing is the method by which employees chart out their path regarding career development within a specific business or organization. When this is done correctly, it provides a clear understanding of exactly which opportunities an employee will have to advance. It also defines the unique qualifications and skills necessary for that advancement to take place. Salesforce Developers have many possibilities open to them, so it can be a little overwhelming trying to choose where they want to end up, or even how to get there. Career pathing allows you to decide not only where you want to go, but how you can begin preparing yourself to obtain that goal. Here are a few steps to help develop a career path for the Salesforce Developer.

What does a Salesforce Developer do?

Salesforce CRM Developers design, implement, test, and deploy solutions leveraging HTML, CSS, JavaScript, AJAX, Lightening, and other technologies. Salesforce Developers have experience developing and delivering solutions to real customer problems, usually with an emphasis on sales, support, finance, marketing, and engineering issues. Other skills would include:

  • Force.com development experience, with a strong focus on Apex and Visualforce development
  • Java or C# development experience, and web application development experience, including solid experience with Java or C#, as well as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS
  • Solid knowledge of SOQL
  • Ability to work with Sales personnel, subordinates, peers, and members of senior management, up to and including the executive level to report on all aspects of order management.

Know where you’re going.

As you set out into the world of business as a Salesforce Developer, it’s important to have a clear understanding of where you want to end up down the road.  Odds are, your first position as a Salesforce Developer won’t be the position you want in the long run. Having a vision or goal gives you something to work towards. Although Salesforce Developers are skilled in multiple areas, you may decide you want to specialize in sales and finance rather than marketing. Once this vision has been cast, you may seek advice from someone doing what you want to do down the road. Ask them how they got there. Ask them for advice. Career pathing is practical, but advice and counsel will help you move forward more quickly. Have a clear goal in mind and begin preparing yourself to achieve it. 

Make decisions to help you get there.

Career pathing alone isn’t enough to help you achieve your personal goals in the workplace. You must always take your end goal into consideration when making decisions in the present. What company you work for, what position you take, and who trains you can all affect your ability to advance your career. When you make important decisions such as these, remember to make decisions in light of what you want to do, not just the immediate benefits such as salary. This goal-oriented style of thinking will help you stay on your career path and not get stuck working one position for the rest of your life. Be assertive and seek out opportunities to learn. Take on more work to gain more experience, even if it doesn’t come with a pay raise. Take active steps to move towards what you seek to accomplish and you’ll rise to new levels of success!

Work with a recruiter.

Working with a recruiter will give you opportunities that otherwise may be difficult for you to obtain. Recruitment agencies pride themselves in knowing what companies are hiring and exactly what they’re looking for in a Salesforce Developer. Working through a recruiter can bring you one step closer to realizing your vision. While mapping out a career path is important, you must also take realistic steps down the path. 

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