A Brief History Of The Information Technology Industry

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Information Technology (IT) is the process by which systems store, retrieve, and send
information. While this is a simplified definition, the process itself can be quite complicated.

While IT is now used almost exclusively in regards to computers, it has been around much
longer than that. Here’s a brief history of the information technology industry.


Information technology gets its name from the two words that make it up. “Information,” which
would be data (straightforward) and “technology,” which would be the application of science for
the accomplishment of the desired cause.

Believe it or not, people have been using technology to store and communicate information
(information technology) for thousands of years. For instance, petroglyphs were used in 3000
B.C. to keep track of how many animals were owned, sharing stories, communicating roadmaps
with others, etc. While this is primitive, it is technically where IT began.


Thankfully, IT has come a long way and has endured constant growth through time. Around the
16th century, mankind began to realize that by using mechanical devices, their ability to store
and analyze information was enhanced.

It was during this time that creations like the slide ruler were invented, which helped them when
multiplying or dividing. It was at this time that information technology began to greatly benefit
society as it optimized the processes that had been used for thousands of years.


While there is some debate about when “IT” was created, or how information technology should
be defined, everyone agrees that the creation and use of the computer changed the game

Again, some people define “computer” differently, but the general agreement is that the first
computer was invented in 1822 by Charles Babbage, although he never built his designs. Even
then, his designs paved the way for a new era in information technology as the computer was
able to store and sort more information than any invention before it.


While the first computers looked drastically different than what you might have at home, they
accomplished the same basic function. The computer evolved and in the 1980s, the first PCs
began to arrive on the scene. However, at this point, all the benefits of using a computer relied
upon the interaction between the user and the system itself. While they were still vastly useful,
it wasn’t until one revolutionary idea came on the scene that the doors of the IT world as we
know it were blown wide open.

Current IT

IT, as it is known today, is only made possible because information can be shared with other
people. The introduction of LAN (local area networks) and WAN (wide area networks) made it
possible to share stored information with other computers.

For example, with a PC you might be able to store information but to share that info you’d still
need to print it out and distribute paper copies to other people. Computer networks turned that
process into a digital one. This process of data transmission has been revised and refined over
and over again over the last few decades.

Major advances in the area of IT include:

● The creation of the world wide web
● Increased data storage
● Tools that facilitate the creation and sharing of data with anyone who can access the world wide web

These advances are responsible for increased jobs, career opportunities, and data sharing. IT
today is not a specific function, but rather the very essence of information storage and

This ever-changing field of work means constant opportunities for growth.
While there are many IT professionals with different specialties, it all boils down to the effective
management of information.

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