5 Ways to Accelerate the Hiring Process

The average time to hire a senior developer or AEM engineer is about 72 days. So, what can you do to accelerate the hiring process if your project needs someone NOW?

Most hiring managers know that the hiring process takes a lot of time and resources. While job boards make it easy to reach a large group of applicants, the reality is that after looking through thousands of submitted resumes, you probably won’t find the talent you need. Senior developers with specialized experience such as AEM architects or Salesforce developers are in high demand and often move directly from one project to another, with little downtime.

The average time to hire a Salesforce or Adobe lead developer is about 72 days. So, what can you do to accelerate the hiring process if your project needs someone NOW?

How You Can Find the Best Candidate – FAST!

We know that the search can be frustrating, so we want to share some tips for finding the top talent you need and accelerating the hiring process. These tips apply whether you are searching for contract labor, direct hires, short, or long-term positions.

1. Speed up the hiring process by working with a recruiting agency.

A top recruiter can provide you with qualified individuals in a quick and effective manner. 89% of candidates state they’re more likely to accept an offer when contacted by a recruiter. Recruiting companies vet candidates ahead of time, and you simply need to let them know exactly what you’re looking for. Some recruiting agencies, like TechBridge, offered managed staffing. You get the talent you need without having to mess with the interviewing or hiring process. The greatest benefit here is that you can call up and request a highly-qualified, vetted developer, who can start work almost immediately. This is perhaps the most effective way to speed up the hiring process.

2. Present a detailed job description.

Despite the fact that senior developers are highly educated individuals, try to avoid esoteric, vague language, and the temptation to brag overmuch on your company. 75% of candidates will do their own research on a company before applying.

Here is a great example of a lead-in to a job posting (which is then followed by a bulleted list of requirements).

Position Summary:  The primary purpose of this position is to provide advanced Digital and/or Data consulting solutions to clients. This position may perform activities such as design, systems integration, and testing. This position will also handle client engagements requiring knowledge of multiple technologies and provide technical pre-sales support. This particular role will focus on building software solutions using Adobe Experience Manager (AEM) and related Adobe products that meet the business needs of our clients.

It’s to the point and easy to understand.

Too many applicants apply for a position without really knowing what they’ve applied for.  Make sure you specify whether or not the posting is for a direct-hire or contract labor. You should also specify if the position is remote or on-site. Also, consider adding a salary range as job listings with this information get 75% more clicks

If you are clear on the details, prospective hires are less likely to decide at the last minute that your position isn’t really what they want.

3. Give a clear list of qualifications.

Another mistake companies often make that slows down their hiring process is not giving a clear list of qualifications. Too many times a company finds the “perfect” candidate only to realize that they don’t meet a qualification or requirement that was never listed. Clear qualifications will help weed out unqualified candidates.

Consider adding the following to your job posting:

  • X amount of years in similar work
  • Ability in X software
  • A degree in X
  • Any visa or work visa requirements that need to be transferred or addressed
  • Try to keep your qualifications concrete if you can. Otherwise, you may find a candidate who says they meet it, but not to the level you are looking for. Try to have solid, measurable, requirements that right away will indicate whether someone is a good fit for your company.

4. Keep an open channel of communication during the hiring process.

The hiring process should not stall as a result of poor communication. Leave a clear way for prospective hires to contact you if they have questions. Likewise, be sure you can reach out to them about what they need to bring, any questions you may have, and when you plan to schedule follow-up appointments. 52% of candidates don’t hear from a potential employer for 2-3 months. This leads to 63% of candidates declining job offers due to bad experience with the company. Effective communication isn’t just for inside the workplace.

5. Learn as much as you can ahead of time.

Be sure to look over the applicant’s resume to learn everything you can about their abilities and work history. This is far less time consuming than asking question after question in an interview. Save the important ones for the interview, but glean easily accessible information ahead of time through resumes, references, and online searches.

Contact TechBridge if you are interested in a low-stress way to hire web developers, architects, and marketers who specialize in Adobe, Salesforce, Sitecore, Magento.

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